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  1. Could someone make a ironing is delicious part 2. I feel like this series will have more than enough content.
  2. I'd like you to remove Vancouver from your user name and just cheer for Les Habitants. Leave this board while you are at it.
  3. I personally like Fantenburg more than Benn so I hope lineup remains the same
  4. Great points. How quickly will the media and fans turn if St Louis comes out flying tonight (which they will) and Canucks dont match the intensity and lose? I mean many even turned on Marky in round 1 and thought we should switch to Demko. I think it comes down to goaltending. If we get last game Markstrom, we win. If we get game 4 Markstrom from last series, we lose.
  5. Yeah, that's ridiculous. I get that the refs hate Roussel but do your job. When a player gets chopped in the nuts, you have to call it whether you like him or not. A player who intentionally targets the opposing players balls shouldn't be unscathed.
  6. Yup. It might turn this way if we go up by 2. Luckily, we have a much grittier team than 2011 and I think we can win in a variety of styles. Spotting us 2 games might be difficult to overcome even with the whistles disappearing. Guys like Roussel, Beagle, Sutter, Miller, Myers, Edler wont let that happen and then our young guys like Jake, McEwan, Motte will jump in
  7. I'm wondering if the refs now decide to put the whistles away seeing how the canucks are taking advantage of the powerplays. I can picture this turning into Bruins series 2.0 where we go from lots of calls to none and the game slows down with the Blues clutching and grabbing... That's the only way they'll keep up
  8. Growing up in the Lumme era, i have to disagree. Quinn is hands down the best we've seen. His edge work, the way he pivots on the line, his vision, passing and now even shooting is all better than Lumme.
  9. I think as the above poster mentioned, he flew by at least 2 hits tonight. This is the type of game he should excel. Big fast physical game but he was rather pedestrian. He has the speed to get in and blow up their players but didn't engage. Rest of his game was fine
  10. The blues did have the edge in the first 2 periods in terms of better chances but Marky stepped up and played like Marky from the regular season. He's a huge part of the team and a big part of why we are here. We won some games like this in the regular season but I'm impressed with how we pulled away on the 3rd and played steady till the end
  11. This is what you call a team. JB has assembled a team with great character. This was a team win tonight no passengers, no weak links. Everyone has a role
  12. Who just hit Perron at the blue line for messing with Petterson? That dude gets a beer!