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  1. Came back from work and saw this. I'm going to miss you Burr
  2. Do you guys no how many cm dropped that year?
  3. 1/3 free coffee
  4. When's the last time it snowed this much in Vancouver?
  5. 3-2 Rangers Nash Staal Vesey D.Sedin Horvat
  6. Go to Xbox store and click on enter a code and then enter code. If it doesn't work then someone already used the code.
  7. Yeah
  8. Gears of war 1 VFK26-NXWJY-29T7M-MYMK3-RJQH4 Gears of war 2 QN6WV-6VTR9-XR9HH-YBY49-MG8YR Gears of war 3 VJYN3-VYR4F-FM3YQ-9RD96-V6CMR Gears of war judgment FN8QK-RH4JX-6T6XG-6R23B-G29V4
  9. ^^ yeah
  10. Sedin Sedin Sundin Schneider Salo Schneider
  11. Good luck in Dallas
  12. Thank god Canucks didn't sign him
  13. Lol
  14. Damn Vintage is fast