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  1. Watching WBC today....How good would Canadian Justin Morneau look in a Jays uni? Put him in the 5 spot instead of Lind. Think Minnesota would deal him? Reyes Cabrera Bautista Encarnacion Morneau Lawrie Arencibia Rasmus Izturis Thats a championship quality lineup, if I ever saw one.
  2. I would be thrilled with 2 firsts from tampa, thats a top 10, possibly top 5 pick, and a late 1st. So a Alex Galchenyuk, Cody Ceci, Griffin Reinhart etc. and another talented first rounder with potential. Great return.
  3. and Kassian.
  4. Rick Nash-lite in my opinion yes.
  5. I really liked the play of the Kassassin last night. I know its just one game, but you can see hes got a ton of talent and a huge upside. Hes raw and un-polished but you can just see it out there. The way he protected the puck, his vision and quick hands. I think this guy has the POTENTIAL to be better than Lucic, Clowe, and Byfuglien(as a forward). Hes got better hands, and vision then all of them. All the scouts say it. I honestly think this guy in a few years could be Rick Nash-lite, 30-35 goals/season but with the vision and passing ability to set guys up. I think we have just aqquired a beauty here. The fact that Doug Maclean on Snet compared him to Chris Neil is rediculous, and speaks to his ability to evaluate players as a former GM. Lastly if he can play that good after making a cross country flight, running on plane food(probably 1st class caliber but not his usual pre-game meal), with no practice or game day skate under his belt with the team, imagine what he might be able to do after a few practices and games with the club. Early, i know, but i am very excited to see what this kid can do.