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  1. Its quite odd that you would think that after seeing Petey's performance this past year. You totally didn't comprehend my statement at all not even at a grade 7 level. Apologies if you are grade 7 or younger.
  2. I am East Indian.. There is a reason we don't go out in the wilderness, camping, and swimming in natural waters etc. Haha! On the real though I hope everybody stays safe because there are a lot of safety hazards out there and none of us are invincible! Everybody take care of yourself this summer! Know where you are going/camping and keep a lot of food/resources with you.!!
  3. Boeser deserves 7- 8 mill lets be real. Hurry up and sign the guy! What can go wrong? Do you guys not remember his rookie season? dude looked like Ovie every shift. Such a lethal shot, I don't ever want to un-see it. At 23rd Benning hit a home run and you god damn better assume hes going to do everything he can to keep him. Boeser with another almost 30 goal season while being injured is very impressive. You gotta sign the dude which they will. Our core is looking fantastic boys. Lets just be patient and wait. In the mean time we finally have some entertaining hockey to watch. Yall remember the twins two years agor? I remember being at work and getting non stop alerts that Boeser had scored. It was the best thing ever. Go Caucks go!!! SIGN DA FLOW WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!
  4. I am a HUGE Johnny Canuck fan and believe it should be our primary logo. I also stand with whatever the team puts out because realistically we cant do s*** about it. It took me a while to get used to the 07 change and it will probably take me a while getting used to this new one but all I know is that I am a Nucks fan and no matter how ugly the logo I will still be a fan no matter what. Apparently ownership agreess with the population of fans that adore the Orca and thats fine. Lets just get a damn Stanley cup. Haha sorry guys I seem to have a short fuse these days. My brother bought a buch of 94 framed pics of the Canucks and I literally told him he is wasting his money and he should be more excited to spend his hard earned money when the Canucks actually win something!!! Basically, yes we have had some great teams/players in the past. Lets all look forward to Petey n the boys and hope we can see a cup victory in our life time. Go Canucks Go
  5. Bet you take those words back eh?
  6. I know after 2011, being soooooooooo close to tasting SC victory, we fiend for that feeling again. Lets just sit back and agree that we will finally have entertaining hockey to watch again.
  7. Lets just all agree that our management finally made some bold moves signing multiple key players that better our current team. We have seen year after year our gm's not doing anything when free agency comes around. It may just be me but it seems like more and more players want to play in Vancouver. It could be because of the up and coming talent we have with Petey (Nyquist wanting to play with him), Brock, Bo, and QH. I remember during the WCE days when BC boys Sakic, Neidermyer etc became free agents and we would never land them or any other big name free agents for that matter. For some reason it seems like that has changed and Vancouver is a lot more attractive now days to free agents... thoughts??
  8. Sounds like 2011.... but it isnt. I know it sounds nice but for all those things to fall in place we would have to be very lucky like we were in 2011.
  9. I might have a totally unpopular response here but... I blieve Boesers rookie campaign was more exciting than Peteys. Boeser was unreal sniping shots like Ovie (even better than ovie) I remember being at work and getting updates on my phone EVERY game that Boeser had scored. Tbh Brock was unbelievable at 23rd overall and hopefully injuries wont stop that. Guy is a beast and we have an awesome future!!!
  10. even tho its POO a lot... i hate how our guys are going to division rivals, like i know its POO a lot but still...
  11. you're on to something... im just waiting for the wrest (Futurama Phil meme)
  12. I honestly thought the Vancouver word mark complimented the orca quite nicely the way it shaped over the top of the orca added character to the jersey, it let it be known that we were the VANCOUVER canucks. I am an avid orca hater from day one but the jerseys were growing on me because of the word mark... not so much anymore. I wish we just stuck with the stick n rink forever.
  13. Whatever happened happened. Lets just leave it at that the cards fell in place that we got to pick EP40 and QH43. What if we picked better payers all those years and fell in different positions for the draft lottery. Lets look at the positives and not the negatives. As far as everything goes right now we should be happy as Canucks fans. JV18 can skate like Mason Raymond(haha) but can hit like a freight train!. I am glad we picked up he plays with passion and is a home town boy! He will turn things around and if I am not mistaken had a career year this year ( I could be wrong) GO CANUCKS GO!