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  1. Sorry for what happend to ur brother and can totally understand ur frustration towards this topic. If it makes u feel any better I was not drunk. The reason I am being charged is because I was pulled over by delta police and they r much more strict. I spoke to a Surrey traffic cop and a good lawyer and they both said I blew quite low on the breathalyzer and usually people get an irp which is just a 24 h impound. None the less I apologize and don't wish what happend to your bro on anybody.
  2. Did it result in he/she getting convicted?
  3. I'm not Tryin to beat the case I just want the charge removed and am curious as to if I would need to hire an expensive lawyer for that to happen or can hire a mediocre lawyer to get the same result. If cheaping out means lesser chance of charge being removed then I won't cheap out.
  4. Do you need to hire an expensive/experienced lawyer if it is your first offence? Has anyone ever been through this? If so how much did it cost u? it would be great to get some feedback thanks
  5. I doubt it. The NHL was a lot more hard hitting at that time, bring in the early 90's and the Sedins would get demolished by illegal hits. In that era you have to defend yourself. Yes you have an enforcer but you have to be tough as well. I love the twins but they are soft like butter.
  6. ooooooooooooo Mr Slick over hereeeee im gonna call you Slicky Slickerson.
  7. Did they have to use a pic of him taping up his knob? lol too funny
  8. heck yes! why? cause your kenny F****N powers!!
  9. Saw Evander downtown one night and said "hey evander kane how are ya, im a fan" he was with his friends looked at me and brushed me off like I was a nobody. Didn't even say hey thanks or hello, just ignored me and kept walking. It seems he is a little arrogant and crazy, I used to admire his skills and the way he plays but he hasn't done much on the ice as of late and his personality speaks for itself. I used to want Nucks to trade for him but not anymore. The people who say he would be bad for our youth movement, they are right, E.K is a Vancouver boy who probably knows where to get drugs, where to party and has a lot of friends in Van.
  10. I love the twins and as much as an honor it was to watch them play such entertaining hockey over the years, if we are going to lose anyways why not trade them both to a contender for 1st round picks+younger assets like how Calgary did with Iggy?
  11. me to bro me too.... but its probably not gonna happen.
  12. That just means your not a true hockey fan.
  13. This and that time in the play offs 2013 when he pretended he got slashed in the wrong hand and got a penalty called against us. Plus their fans are superrr classless towards nucks fans, also logan coutures brother is a racist(twitter proves this).
  14. You would think the refs would've intervened sooner especially in a junior or w.e league they're in. Pavel was Rick Rypiening the guy.