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  1. I think people just miss having that Canadian captain who will stick up for anybody (Linden) finally we have Horvat hes a good captain and can only do so much. At least he can handle himself very nicely in 1 on 1 fights! all n all its very nice to have a Canadian captain again!
  2. Real talk but we do always beat the best teams and lose to the crappiest.
  3. knowing Vancouver... you just never know. I was born and raised here. I know the ugly side this city can put on if they have/want to.
  4. as much as I love those jerseys and the nostalgia that they bring. The true colors of this franchise are blue and green just like our mountains and ocean. Anytime I look at a picture of Vancouver or come down any of the major bridges I see blue and green. Two unique color combinations that fit the city of Vancouver like no other. IMO and many people will disagree is that the logo needs to be changed.
  5. i am totally loving these jerseys and feel that they should take over as our primaries.
  6. spit it out buds. Its not healthy to keep things bottled up like that.
  7. the Vancouver word mark looks cool as a logo but not on the jersey, it sucks they took it off everything.
  8. something we used to never see in the sedin kesler era.
  9. so the plate of spaghetti makes sense then