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  1. [PGT] Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    oh well they got 3 cups to help themselves feel better. If Vancouver won in 2011 I wouldn't care if we were dead last for 5 years straight lol.
  2. Canucks Game Experience is Awful

    Hey bud, I hear ya. I use to work security there. The ushers are all snobby and the security is told to evict people for cheering on their team "too loudly". I mean aren't you suppose to be loud in an arena? It's ridiculous.
  3. Team Goal Celebration Issue.

    Please don't think you can promote the illegal use of narcotics on here when there are many kids who frequent the boards and do not need to be exposed to such things at such an early age.
  4. Boeser Vs Matt Murray

    Wow what an egotistical jack a** this Murray is.
  5. Who really gives a damn about looking "unprofessional". Other teams do what it takes to win and thats it! Look at Chicago, trading away key players, some who were detrimental factors in them winning the Cups they've won. They do what it takes to stay competitive and If that means not looking professional by benching a player who doesn't give us the best chance to win then so be it! I feel like thats the situational with our goalie choices. Playing Markstrom so much beause he is our "no 1", as far as I am concerned he hasn't proven to be a number 1 yet. Remember how AV didn't wanna look unprofessional by playing Schneider in game 6 of the finals because "Luongos our #1" knowing damn well he is horrible in Boston. If gotta sit Edler, then sit em.
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames

    Still quite the sea of red. Every time they are in town, you see a lot more red jerseys in our stands than ours in theirs. Vancouver has a lot of band wagon fans... it sucks but its reality. I also feel like a lot of our devoted fan base was fed up after 2011 or even 2012 since our team was declining and the way we lost the cup when we were destined to win it. Once our current team fully proves they are the real deal, we will start seeing more blue and green everywhere, just the way Vancouver is nowadays. I remember around 2009-2012 you would see a lot more Nucks jerseys in Cgy stands. I was at the Det game last night, and it almost seemed like there was more red in the stands than blue.
  7. If our ownership didn't suck and let the GM's do what they gotta do, Coreys time here could have been a blessing. Luongo proved year after year that he can't get it done in the playoffs always sh***ing the bed. Here we have a cool calm and collected goalie in Scneids who was young and getting better. Imagine if we retooled by trading assets like Bieksa, Burr, Hamhuis, Edler sooner, hell even Kesler since he ended up wanting out anyways. We could have had a rebuilt team supporting the Sedins by 2014 competing for a cup.
  8. [PGT] New Jersey Devils vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Thank you. I totally understand. I too miss that beautiful city...
  9. NHL loudest away crowds

    Just my two cents but I think Canucks should change the colors of the seats in Rogers arena to blue instead of that maroon color. It makes it look like theres more blue jerseys in the arena, should be good for the players mind sets instead of having some other teams fan in that seat or even a Nucks fan not wearing a jersey to blend in and look like they are wearing dark red.
  10. Sekeres throws BS shade at Goldy

    Small market? Vancouver has one of the biggest markets in the league....
  11. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Horvat 6yrs 33M

    Language.. there are under age children that frequent this forum and they do not need to be in the presence of such careless profanity.
  12. NHL Players you've met- The Good & The Bad

    Sakku Koivu- Met him at the Pan Pacific, nice guy took a pic with me as I've always been a fan of his. Jason Garrison met him walking down Hornby, had the biggest smile when i said his name and put his hand out to shake mine, super nice guy(This was after he was traded to Tampa) Evander Kane- Douche bag, I was actually a fan of his from his days with the Giants and always wanted him to play for the Nucks and I even mentioned it to him, dude just shrugged me off said thanks in a douchey tone and walked by. Chris Tanev- Totally not a people person, I saw him at a bar and told him im a huge fan and think hes a stud of a d- man, he just rolled his eyes and didnt say anything. Trevor Linden- Saw him at Pacific Centre and looked like he was having an important conversatoin so I just went to him and said "hey man you were my hero growing up, I dont want to intrude on your conversation, its a pleasure to meet you" He was nice enough to shake my hand Tryamkin- Also met him at PC, of course he cant speak english so he didnt say much. Jared Mccan- Again also at PC, shook my hand, seemed like a decent dude.
  13. PDF: (P1) Anaheim Ducks vs. (P2) Edmonton Oilers | Ducks win series 4-3

    Yup. Looch welcome to a Canadian market in Bettmans league. Doesn't feel so great does it you hunch back massive nose having goon.
  14. Is It Time For A New Identity?

    No way, this is specifically a shoulder patch and thats it. Although I do agree the Orca sucks.