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  1. Ya it gets so annoying. I find it quite funny how they are doing that and its only the first round, just shows how crappy they have been for a long time but also shows how dedicated and supportive their fans are.
  2. Dude... really? they have 2 cups in the last 5 years.
  3. no way he almost cracked 20 goals that too with an injured wrist. He he will be real gud for us next year. THE GRAN MAN the GranVille st SNiper!
  4. you are aware that this game was in van not phi right?
  5. good point.
  6. When did I mention that I was a better fan then you. All I am saying is that we are a Canadian hockey market and we are still bombarded with opposing teams colors at our games and you dont see that in other Canadian teams arenas let alone O6 teams. You think people in Vancouver just love hockey so they are fans of so and so team? Toronto has the biggest fan base and probably 5 times the hockey fans that Vancouver has yet you dont see their arena filled with Bruins jerseys when they play.
  7. After the cups the hawks, kings and bruins won you now see so many of their jerseys in our arena and thats what Im talking about before they won those cups you never would see that. I hear it all the time "Canucks suck" go hawks! go kings!. Then Canucks start becoming a play off team and back come the blue jerseys.
  8. Really? because i just you tubed the last game we played in Philly and I couldn't see a single Nucks jersey in the stands So you want me to stop caring about the state of my team and the support they get? right.....
  9. I hate turning the home games on now and seeing a huge ratio of opposing teams colors in attendance. I never see such a thing when watching an american team with the exception of Arizona (all the blue and green in there audience when we play) Carolina, Florida+ all the other teams where Hockey doesn't matter to the people there. Its embarrassing knowing we are a Canadian city and either our fans don't go to the games anymore leaving the seats to be taken up by non fans just going to see a show with no jersey or anything blue and green to wear or fans of the other teams living in Vancouver wanting to go see their team play. Could it be that our real fans just gave up on the team for this year and don't feel the need to waste their money anymore? Could it be that we have a lot of people from those cities living in Vancouver? Could it be that Vancouver is just a band wagon city and only supports the team when they are winning? or whichever team is good at the time. Its annoying really. Before i'd say 2013 our whole stadium was blue and green and I can understand if its the Habs in town or the Leafs because of their old history but a game like today all those orange jerseys are you serious? never in the past have I seen so many flyers jerseys in the stands when we played them. Even Chicago, La, Boston, these teams basically have enemy status for the Canucks and you see so many of their fans in our attendance (especially the hawks) which brings up the whole band wagon argument. Last game against Chicago HALF OUR STADIUM WAS RED! lasts nights game in Calgary SO MANY DAMN RED JERSEYS. Go to Calgary when we play there and its a bloody sea of red. Truly embarrassing to call this a real hockey city. Tbh more and more our city seems less Canadian and so damn fake with everything, seems all that money gets to peoples heads and they cant stick to being fans of our team even when we suck they HAVE to root for a better team. It must have some sort of effect on the players of our team coming out onto home ice and seeings a **** ton of opposing colors in the audience, and it doesn't help that our team has had so many different color jerseys and the stadium seats coloring is maroon. We should get them to change the color of the seats to blue or green, at least then it will give the illusion that we have our fans in them. Bostons seats are yellow, hawks red, leafs blue, habs red why cant ours be blue or green?
  10. The Sedins can say whatever they want doesn't mean it fixes the situation. I'd like to see them moved to the 2nd line so bo can get some more ice time. The twins have admitted saying they wouldn't mind playing a 2nd line role on the team.
  11. how could you even mention such a player for the twins? how insanely bad would we look if we traded the Sedins for the player who made fun of them on live radio and always beat us when he was with chi.
  12. Sorry for what happend to ur brother and can totally understand ur frustration towards this topic. If it makes u feel any better I was not drunk. The reason I am being charged is because I was pulled over by delta police and they r much more strict. I spoke to a Surrey traffic cop and a good lawyer and they both said I blew quite low on the breathalyzer and usually people get an irp which is just a 24 h impound. None the less I apologize and don't wish what happend to your bro on anybody.
  13. Did it result in he/she getting convicted?
  14. I'm not Tryin to beat the case I just want the charge removed and am curious as to if I would need to hire an expensive lawyer for that to happen or can hire a mediocre lawyer to get the same result. If cheaping out means lesser chance of charge being removed then I won't cheap out.