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  1. All of these logo's are from the design process in 1997, including an early version of the Orca. Notice how every single one says "Canucks." But I suppose it was all just a conspiracy in preparation for an eventual name-change. I suppose they made all those other logos knowing full well that the dreaded "Corporate, Messier, McCaw Orca" was going to shatter the hopes, dreams and spirits of all the real Canuck fans out there .
  2. He told you this when you spoke to him? Not true, there were many concepts during the re-design process that didn't include an Orca. Some even included Johnny Canuck but Trevor Linden liked the idea of having a collegiate 'C' and thought the version with an Orca was a strong mark. And I agree with him wholeheartedly because the Orca is a much better primary logo than the Stick n' Rink, Skate or especially the Flying V. It was also the logo during the Sedin Era and I don't see how those could be looked upon as dark times.
  3. The Messier era was 3 years, the Orca's been around for 23. The Orca was going to be the Canucks new logo whether Messier signed with the team or not and Trevor Linden was involved in the design process. Stop using the Orca as a lightning rod for the dark times the franchise went through from 1997 to 2000. When I think of the original Orca and the Navy, Maroon & Silver scheme, I think of the West Coast Express.
  4. And the skate, and the Flying V... "Canuck" is a slang term for Canadian, not something that translates into a good logo. Which is precisely why the team has never used a literal depiction of one. A lumberjack isn't a Canuck either. Here's a list of NHL logos that don't depict their teams namesake literally... Boston Bruins Columbus Blue Jackets Montreal Canadiens New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Washington Capitals A sports logo is a symbol used to represent a team. It can play up the team name, the region, the sport or all three. There is no concrete rule stating it must represent its team namesake literally. Teams named after types of people (Canucks, Senators, Rangers, Islanders, etc) are always better suited to go with a letter or play up the regional angle. The Canucks do both with the Orca. It's a perfectly acceptable (and good) sports logo and your criticism is completely baseless.
  5. Call me crazy, but why couldn't we win it all this season? Our lineup is young, exciting and most importantly will be completely healthy. Jordan Binnington proved anything is possible with a goalie playing lights out.
  6. I'm with Gaudette. Anyone cheering against the Canucks can kick rocks. Doing so over a logo is even dumber than doing it for a shot at Lafreniere...
  7. I didn't bandwagon on the Flames last year, their current team isn't remotely likeable. Tiger Hearted is not a true fan because he cheered against his team in the 2011 finals for having a logo he doesn't like and is actively hoping the current iteration of the team fails for the same reason.
  8. I'd still cheer for the team if they used Johnny Canuck, Stick & Rink, the Skate or even the Flying V. Big difference from someone who cheers against them in the final because he doesn't like a logo... I cheered for the Flames in 2004. They were a scrappy, likeable underdog and the Canucks were already eliminated. Big deal.
  9. ^ Fan of the year. Seriously, go cheer for another team. We don't want you.
  10. Yeah it's a 'B' on a spoke to show Boston as "The Hub of the Universe" A letter to represent the namesake with added imagery to represent the region. Exactly what the Canucks do with the Orca.
  11. Just curious, what if the Canucks won a Stanley Cup in the current, Orca jerseys? Would you just disregard the championship and cheer for a different team? Because that is a very real possibility when you factor in how the team is trending and managements position on the logo.
  12. A real fan wouldn't root against his team winning a championship just because he doesn't like the particular logo they're using. If the team went with Johnny Canuck tomorrow, would I be disappointed? Sure. Would I root against them ever winning a championship in that logo? Absolutely not. I would want them winning a championship no matter they used for a logo.
  13. A true fan would defend his teams logo no matter what it was.
  14. It doesn't have to, it's a nice bonus. Again, C stands for Canucks. Just like C stands for Canadiens, just like B stands for Bruins, etc, etc ,etc... The Canadiens logo is better just because it has an "H" wedged in it for "hockey?" That's hilarious . Anyone who would cheer against the Canucks in the 2011 final because they're butthurt over a logo is no fan. You going to cheer against Bo, Brock and Petey if they're wearing the Orca in their next finals appearance? Because management has made it clear that the Orca's going nowhere.