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  1. The Hurricanes are the new Minnesota Wild. Make your jerseys match, this isn't hard.
  2. Most ground has already been covered but here's a few things that haven't been mentioned. 1) I'm proud of the how the Canucks were able to accept defeat gracefully in the 2011 SCF, something the Bruins couldn't even do after winning. 2) I'm proud of having the best colour scheme in all of sports 3) I'm proud of our beautiful new uniforms that take said colour scheme to new heights. 4) I'm proud of this beautiful goal. 11 seconds in 2011, does it get any more perfect?
  3. Even the Sharks couldn't manage winning the Presidents Trophy and getting swept, this team isn't winning anything.
  4. It was hardly Luongo's fault, he had two shutouts for Christ's sake. Wasn't his fault he was hung out to dry in Boston by a depleted blueline.
  5. I'm not going to call it the greatest but my personal favorite game will always be game 2 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. Before the series started, the idea of the Canucks losing to the Bruins didn't enter my mind until Mark Recchi's go-ahead goal. I can't tell you how satisfying it was watching this game on my birthday with three vindictive Flames fans and seeing them pull it off in such a clutch, storybook fashion 11 seconds into overtime. I'll never forget the amount of heart Burrows showed to embarrass that arrogant, flopping goof Tim Thomas with one of the most beautiful goals I've ever witnessed in a playoff game. It truly felt like destiny.
  6. I think you need to visit an ophthalmologist. The Flames are far and away the worst looking team with their wacky side-panels and clashing Alberta flag. The Canucks are in the top 10 based on the striping and colours alone.
  7. The last time I was this excited for a season to start was in the summer of 2010. Maybe we aren't contenders yet but our future is brighter than it's been in some time.
  8. Agreed but we weren't taking out the eventual cup champions that year . Can't wait to see Ferland tearing it up in the blue and green. Is it October yet?
  9. You Johnny Canuck supporters are the most irritating people I've ever encountered on a message board bar none, and that's really saying something. What really annoys me is the way you constantly invent information out of thin-air to support your "teh corporate orca bad cause Messier and McGaw" agenda. The latest being that it was hastily thrown together. Yeah, that's why they made a bunch of prototype logos, some that included your precious Johnny Canuck, before arriving at the Orca we see today.