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  1. Pardon my ignorance but why are Canucks fans supposed to hate Jamie Benn? I get hating Seguin.
  2. A Lightning Championship would really put the cherry on top this hideous year. Go Stars.
  3. It's new in that they changed the red outlines around the cape to gold. But in all seriousness, it's about time they went back to this. The logo and jerseys they used from 2007 to 2020 were terrible.
  4. That photo is from 1999. Dallas had the Star-shaped jersey in 2000.
  5. If the Blues didn't want to be there, why would they bother evening the series? Many said it was over when we lost game 4 and it was great seeing the boys prove them incorrect. Vegas is in their prime right now and expected to win a championship. We were (maybe) expected to win one playoff game. Yes we were dominated at times but we never gave up and were a power-play goal away from winning. I still maintain that if there wasn't a pause forcing us the play 5 games in 7 nights, we would have won. That alone disputes your claim of a "turn the other cheek attitude" being instilled into our young core. I might catch some flak for this but I think the 2020 Canucks showed more heart than the 2011 team. I think we'll win before then but you're right, only time will tell who is correct.
  6. This is a laughably negative take. Most "experts" had us missing the playoffs or at best winning a single postseason game. Our core isn't remotely close to reaching its prime and we were a powerplay goal away from the final four, gaining a ton of invaluable experience in the process. How anyone could look at what we accomplished this season in negative light is beyond comprehension. We're further away from a cup now than we were 2 seasons ago? Are you drunk? We beat the defending champs. You don't go from winning the cup to jobber status in one season...
  7. The Oilers never made the Conference Finals in 2017, they won one series against a declining Sharks team. And as for the Leafs, they still haven't won a series since 2004. What we accomplished this year is far more impressive, especially since we weren't expected to go anywhere.
  8. Wow I hope you're preparing for disappointment. That Orca's going to be ubiquitous with the Canuck's first championship very soon. Likely within the next three years so you can either embrace it as the Canucks logo or move on.
  9. I believe we would have won if we didn't have to play 5 games in 7 days to glorify a criminal.