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  1. This x1000. I can understand not liking the Orca, I don't agree but I can understand it, but ditching the blue and green was when our identity problems began. It would be horrendous if we made that mistake twice, especially since the jerseys were significantly improved with the updated stick & rink and the removal of the Wordmark.
  2. Not this guy, beautiful play. Now just need the boys and blue and green to get four more and keep this momentum going.
  3. The Sharks are always in "win now mode." It isn't happening and nor should this trade proposal. Markstrom, with the exception of one period against the Capitals, has been lights out.
  4. Feel like a petulant child right now but god damn that was a tough loss to take. Gotta look at the bright side though. The positives of this season have definitely outweighed the negatives and its better to have some adversity right now than later. I say the Canucks come back stronger from this and take it to the Panthers.
  5. From complete euphoria to total dejection. You knew they were going to lose the second the 5-2 goal went in. $%#@ing pathetic!