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  1. Completely agree. And hiring of Bro Jake proved it.
  2. You want source of information? You like Wikipedia? Here it is for you:,_2014. Also, going by your logic, France is a fascist country because of this:
  3. Actually it was not presidential elections. Look at the results of the presidential elections this year, which Poroshenko won, and see what percentage Tyagnibok (leader of Svoboda) received, along with Yarosh, leader of Pravyj Sector. And to call the other two parties in the coalition "also very right wing" is simply not knowing anything about Ukrainian politics. "Homeland" is not right-wing, it's pro-Europe party. It's the same as saying that Canadian Federal Conservative party is fascist party. Which is obviously bs. And please tell me more about the Great Patriotic War. I obviously don't know enough about it, only having 2 of my grandfathers fighting in it, half of my grandma's family killed in Holocaust, and learning Soviet History for 10 years in Soviet school. Please, enlighten me some more . I also know a quote by Winston Churchill "Fascists of the future will call themselves anti fascists". Which is exactly what Putin is doing now. I don't know if you know, but that bastard went as far as saying that Gebbels was a very talented man during his meeting with Russia-based rabbis...
  4. And about the video - it's a very creative editing of multiple videos from all around the Internet. I saw most of them separately back in May. Unfortunately for you, I speak both Russian and Ukrainian and I understand everything in that "movie", not just what one side decided to translate to English. The whole "movie" is done from one point of view, underlying what's convenient for their side. It also doesn't provide any history of the conflict. When this happened in Odessa, Russia already annexed Crimea and started all the garbage in Donetsk. People are genuinely angry with Russia at that point. That little episode out of the Neo Nazi apartment is edited in completely out of context. Are there Neo Nazis in Ukraine? Unfortunately, yes, just like there are Neo Nazis in most of the countries in Europe and in the US. I can post here many YouTube videos of Russian Neo Nazis as well. Their percentage in Ukraine is negligible, which presidential elections have proven.
  5. Copy paste from CNN? Whatever, I won't be able to prove anything to you. I was born and raised in Ukraine and had a lot of friends on Maydan, so I was and am getting information directly from there. Also i have several old friends who are now members of Ukrainian parliament from both sides of the conflict and they also privately painted the same picture. You keep on insisting on the parallel move being protesting against ALL American players. I already said several times that I don't call for protest against ALL Russian players just because they are Russian, but you obviously have selective reading skills. And if there's an American player who openly supports something you disagree with and feel strong about - it is your right to protest. What happened in Odessa has a lot of question marks and more and more answers point to a Russian FSB operation. Majority of people died of gas poisoning before they burnt. My very close friend, independent journalist, originally from Odessa, who lately lived in Voronezh, Russia, had a private investigation of the events, his son owns a store near the place of the tragedy. The picture there is not very clear, but more points are towards the FSB. Again, most likely I'm just talking to a wall, since you obviously are set in your position, which I guarantee you take from Russia Today and other similar sources.
  6. You can see Russia Today all through your post . Yes, it was led by "American backed fascists", for sure. That's why one of the units on Maydan was comprised completely of Jews and led by a former officer of Israeli Defence Forces. And I know that for a fact because I personally had 5 friends in that unit. Maydan was a revolution of dignity, where people stood up to a thief who was Yanukovich. It all started with a small students protest against a sudden change in Yanukovitch policy from European integration towards Russia instead. There were a few thousands students at most. In his ultimate wisdom Yanukovich decided to forcefully end the protest and these unarmed students were savagely beaten by Ukraine special forces ("Berkut"). In response to that almost a million people showed up on Maydan. Please tell me a story on how Americans can find one million "fascists" in Kiev. Your ignorance is beyond believe.
  7. Well, if you are such a specialist on Ukrainian "fascists", you should know that at the last presidential electionsTyagnibok and Yarosh (two most rightist candidates) each gathered around 1% of the vote! while a Jewish candidate (Rabinovich) got more votes than these 2 combined. Yes, indeed, Ukraine is a "fascist" country. There was another comment hereabout fascists "overthrowing" former Ukrainian government. Keep on watching Russia Today, that's right down your road. Obviously, no one will be able to prove anything to you Also, thank you to those who supported my point of view. I already admitted in an earlier post that using the word "boycott" in the title was a wrong choice of word but I don't know how to change it. And I never meant protest every Russian player just because he's Russian. I was very specific about Ovie and Malkin because of their open support of Putin. Doesn't matter how hard you try, you can't take politics out of sport. I don't know if you've heard, but there's a dispute brewing now in Arctic between Canada and Russia. I'm curious if all you who call me troll and bring other "arguments" will continue enjoying Ovie and Malkin if there's a military conflict between Canada and Russia in Arctic and these two keep on supporting Putin's policies.
  8. The picture with the words "Вежливые люди" ("Polite people") is worth 1000 statements. That term was used by all Russian propaganda at a time when Russia was annexing Crimea. It was Russian military without any official insignia. By putting that t-shirt on Malkin clearly states his position on the Crimea and Ukraine. As for suggestion that the topic name should've been "Protest" rather than "Boycott" - I agree with that comment, Protest would've been a better choice of words. Now I just need to figure out how to change the name of the topic .
  9. I guess calling someone an "idiot" would be grounds for locking the thread, correct? In this case I won't call some of my opponents this way
  10. Please explain to me how this is silly. You actually contradict yourself in the same sentence. So, you are ok with boycotting people who support evil regimes, unless they are hockey players? Where is the logic? And as for Indigo/Chapters CEO - if I knew before that she does that, I'd buy even more books from that store
  11. Really? How is that possible? Since when sport lives its own life without the world around it interfering? Are you saying if your favorite player was a homophobic pig you'd still support him because he does one particular sport really well? What, human integrity doesn't count for anything anymore?
  12. Do you even know what's happening in Ukraine? Or you just throw this around, hoping it'll stick? By your logic, during World War II the world should've debated with Hitler?
  13. If this is the only thing you found worthy to criticize in the whole post.... Well, stick your head back into the sand, the world might leave you alone...
  14. Ok, it looks like you might need to take some history lessons on what happened in Europe in 1938/1939 and hopefully you'll see parallels with what Putin is doing now.