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  1. Canucks Army joins forces with TSN 1040

    Scotty moved to 650 a while ago. He has his own show there now.
  2. Full Canucks 2017-2018 schedule

    Perfect Vegas schedule - February 23rd - WSOP Circuit at Rio Feb 16-27. March 20 - WSOP Circuit at Planet Hollywood starting March 22nd. :-)
  3. What an idiotic OP. Read the actual research. While Gatorade is definitely not something to be consumed "just because", it's extremely beneficial for athletes after and during heavy periods of physical activities. There are numerous researches on this not coming from Gatorade themselves. Here're just a few:,,
  4. There's pretty sizable Russian-speaking community in Greater Vancouver these days (I'm one of them :-) ). I wonder if we need to have a good "come to Jesus" conversation with the guy in the language that he understands :-)
  5. Roberto Luongo and the cap recapture penalty

    I believe that in cases of Luongo and others who signed these deals prior to the change in the CBA, when it was perfectly legal to sign them, if the league will try to enforce the recapture, we'll see the affected clubs challenge it in court. There's no point in challenging the rule right now since no one is affected yet. However, I don't see NHL's argument standing in any normal court with regards to contracts legally signed and approved by NHL under the previous CBA.
  6. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Also, I'm not sure why someone mentioned that he's right handed shot. He's clearly left handed :-)
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Some info from Russian sites: Here's my translation: Nikita Tryamkin - "I'm happy Vancouver selected me" A defender of "Avtomobilist" Nikita Tryamkin shared with us his impressions from the NHL Draft, where he was selected by Vancouver. As per his words, he's happy with the results of the event; however, in order to continue his career in NHL he still needs to work a lot. - NHL Draft took place in Philadelphia and it was a real hockey celebration, - Tryamkin is quoted saying by the official club's website. - I knew, which teams might be interested in me, but I won't hide: the most important thing for me was to be selected in general. Now it doesn't make sense to talk about other teams - I was selected by Vancouver and I'm very happy about it. Everyone, who I talked to, say only good things about the club and the city. - I fully understand that it's only a first step towards playing in the NHL, that I have a lot of work ahead. I hope that in the future I'll be able to play in Vancouver. But my immediate plans, for the next and the following seasons, are connected to "Avtomobilist".
  8. Was Brian Burke drunk?

    While I agree with the overall article, it's probably still a good idea to keep all the facts correct. Alex Edler wasn't a top second round pick. Moreover, he wasn't second round pick period. He was picked 91st (third round) in 2004.