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  1. Canucks Memes

    Not a meme, but one of the funniest videos ever. Just thought I'd share the wealth
  2. Canucks Memes

    Just thought we should diversify the memes here a little bit
  3. Canucks Memes

  4. Non-CDC Based Games

    My new proboards-based EHM create-a-player league. Check it out.
  5. Canucks Memes

    I was watching How I Met Your Mother, while playing on one of my sim leagues. As I checked the waiver wire, I thought of this one:
  6. Canucks Memes

    Could probably say this about a handful of Arenas around the NHL, but I chose to pick on the Yotes today on the night of their big win
  7. Canucks Memes

  8. Canucks Memes

  9. Canucks Memes

  10. Canucks Memes

  11. Canucks Memes

  12. Canucks Memes

    Probably not one of my strongest efforts, but I couldn't think of a better wording for this
  13. Canucks Memes

  14. Canucks Memes

    Just in case you forgot, the bottom caption is based on a quote from Bieksa in a post-game interview
  15. Canucks Memes

    Did this on paint, so please forgive the quality of the graphics.