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  1. i like cody glass! he is 6'2 and growing. he is already a true play making centre with good speed and high iq . his big brother is 6'7 and his dad is 6'5.
  2. fyi Glass 's dad is 6'5 and his brother 6'7...... he is seventeen and is already 6'2 and is highly skilled. I would draft glass even if doesn't grow any bigger he is a stud, but if he gets to 6'5 wow! DRAFT GLASS AT 3,4,5 IF AVAILABLE!
  3. 2017-2018 season

    First of all ,I never said anything about who is a better general manager. I am just stating that things are gonna be ok, if you look at the prospects and young players we have now he has certainly improved our teams future from where it was when he took over. its tough to turn over a team when there are so many NTC'S. Benning hands were tied the moment he got his job, no? if not, can you fill me in. When could we trade the Sedins? Since Benning got here they have had a NMC? How about Kesler, Hamuis, Bieksa, and Burrows were their clauses for them too? I thought they were straight NTC? Hansen had a limited clause, maybe i'm wrong? I think there was an opening to trade Edler when he was 26, but I can't remember to many others. anyone else want to give some input? thanks
  4. 2017-2018 season

    yes thats true, but that does not affect next years line up.
  5. 2017-2018 season

    lol if I could predict that I would play the lotto! it don't be a hater, your guess is almost as good as mine it would probably be a prospect not in next years line up!
  6. 2017-2018 season

    I agree partly with you guys.I am just stating the most likely. ideally we would keep hutton and trade edler but he has an ntc and doesn't seem to keen on leaving. that could change, but juolevi and briesbrois both left shots are coming up and a lot of scouts say juolevi is close. so.... I think benning would trade hutton for a promising young centre, ie jost, smaltz or something along those lines. We are needing more strength in the centre position. I wouldn't be surprised to see benning draft mulitple centres this draft. That being said, he could keep hutton an trade juolevi for a centre??? thanks for the replies.
  7. 2017-2018 season

    interesting thought? i don't know if he would. I think its nhl contract or shl,
  8. 2017-2018 season

    lol you are a good person!
  9. 2017-2018 season

    I just think eriksson is getting the big money and they will want him to be on the first line opening night. things could change if it doesn't work out. it really is time for edler to move on, I think benning would like to trade him, thus keeping hutton, but the ntc once again puts the player in the driving seat. Dorsett being traded probably won't happen because he is a little over paid with term. we would have to eat a lot of salary, plus benning really loves his work ethic! I think everyone wanted.grenier to work out but he just didn't do enough. With all the prospects coming up out of juniors I don't see room for him. i think its time to move on.
  10. 2017-2018 season

    i hope so too, but someone will get moved on the left side.
  11. 2017-2018 season

    Rodin didn't get his chance, he is found money if he turns out. he was the best playmaker/ goal scorer in the shl. its unfortunate it didn't work out this year but I think they give one more chance, could be a great find. plus he's cheap he has to prove himself. if he doesn't pan out they got young guys in utica that can go up and down with out waivers, its the smart play.. benning has been saying he is looking to trade a defensemen for the last month " its our teams strength"lol. I like hutton as mentioned before, but edler is locked down, tanev is too good, unless they get an incredible trade. they just got guddy and are super high on him, stetcher isn't being traded and either is big 88 biega is perfect 7th man edler stetcher trymakin tanev ? gudbranson juolevi is too good for junior.... guess what that means europe or here, I'm guessing they keep him on small ice. bring him in gradually. thanks for the hate response
  12. 2017-2018 season

    Reality check time for the few of you out there that think we are fixed when we draft a center this spring. And to the every day complainers that we aren't doing enough..... relax, Benning is actually getting us turned around, but it can't be done in 2 years, those no trade clauses make everything take so much longer. Looking at our current contracts ( signed for term and who is waiver exempt), who we are most likely drafting (5-8th pick), who we will most likely loose to Vegas (sbisa), and who we are unfortunately most likely trading (hutton). Here is what our opening day line up will most likely be. (unless of injury) lol . Sure there might be small variation but this will not be a playoff team again, and you know what? I'm ok with it. We are getting the pieces that we need and in a few years we will be a decent team again, Baertchi Horvat Eriksson Sedin Sedin Grandlund Rodin Sutter Boeser Boucher Gaunce Doresett Chaput, Cramarosa Edler Stetcher Tryamkin Tanev Juolevi Gudbranson Biega hey look at this we have an ahl team with draft picks and prospects... wow!!!! starting to happen!!!! AHL Goldobin Valk Archibald Dhalen kunyk Virtanen Mckewan Cassels yan-pavel plant stukel zhukenov mckenzie carcone labate etc Subban McEney Briesbrois Saunter Neill Nilsson Robak Chatfield ncaa Adam gaudette "future player" if you talk to any scout! will lockwood decent prospect Watch the games, enjoy the games, Its just a game!!! go phone your grandma and tell her you love her!
  13. Philip Larsen - why so quiet?

    McKenzie adds the Canucks plan to sign Larsen when free agency opens this summer and have him spend the 2016-17 season with the club
  14. (proposal) 5th pick to philly

    The thing is guys , they have Ghost, Provorov , Sanhiem, Morin , they are well stalked in "D". they will have to trade one of them for a piece they want (Tkachuk). We need an offensive D prospect with size. they are not going to get rid of ghost and we are not trading for Morin, so whats left? Provolov and Sanhiem. they are going to give on one of them? its a great opportunity for us to get an OFFENSIVE DMAN prospect and a little more.
  15. what do you guys think of this trade ? I have been reading philly might take a stab at moving up for Tkachuk. If they want him they will have to give a little extra. This could give us a 1-3 defensemen, plus++ van trades 5th pick philly trades provorov (7th) and 3rd round pick 2016 or van trades 5th pick philly trades sanhiem(17th) and 18th pick 2016