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  1. McKenzie adds the Canucks plan to sign Larsen when free agency opens this summer and have him spend the 2016-17 season with the club
  2. The thing is guys , they have Ghost, Provorov , Sanhiem, Morin , they are well stalked in "D". they will have to trade one of them for a piece they want (Tkachuk). We need an offensive D prospect with size. they are not going to get rid of ghost and we are not trading for Morin, so whats left? Provolov and Sanhiem. they are going to give on one of them? its a great opportunity for us to get an OFFENSIVE DMAN prospect and a little more.
  3. what do you guys think of this trade ? I have been reading philly might take a stab at moving up for Tkachuk. If they want him they will have to give a little extra. This could give us a 1-3 defensemen, plus++ van trades 5th pick philly trades provorov (7th) and 3rd round pick 2016 or van trades 5th pick philly trades sanhiem(17th) and 18th pick 2016
  4. official Bennings draft list, (just found this on the ground on granville.) player rankings 1. mathews 2.laine 3. pul 4.dubois (who we will draft by the way) 5.sergashev etc
  5. got to believe bennings thought process is this. 1.mathews 2. laine 3.pul 4. dubois 5. or 6. Sergashev Bennings has said ten times that he is picking a defenseman with the 5th or 6th pick,and will take the best player available 1-4. he personally scouted dubois during his playoff run which i believe was not a scheduled trip AS WELL DUBOIS CAN PLAY CENTER OR LEFT WING! , maybe a number one center?, and with sergashev his size and shot, something we have been lacking as well he was picked best defenseman in the ohl by the gm's of all the teams , i think he will be the man. but maybe i'm wrong. lol
  6. I believe this is what Benning will pick if we get any of these picks 1st mathews 2nd laine 3rd Puljujarvi 4th dubois 5th sergashov 6th sergashov I think the the top 4 are locks in Bennings mind, after that I think he goes for a an offensive dman who plays the right side. I would rather him take a forward in the 5, 6 spot but thats not what he has said so far, we will have to wait and see. we will definitely be getting a good player.
  7. lets change this up a little, assuming columbus gives up their second rd pick this year, "which is highly unlikely". what are a couple of names that you would like to see drafted by us in the second round? if benson falls, i think you have to take him. then we take a defensemen, rhd green? maybe take a chance on day? what do you think?
  8. My god, just had a look at the next 7 opponents we play. This losing streak could go on for a while. Hold on to your pants boys! Maybe we will end up with a top 3 pick.
  9. I think this is going to be a problem for us, not many people are thinking about this yet! it will be interesting how it will play out.
  10. Not sure where I said he should be on the team next year? i said one more year will make him a more complete player. cheers
  11. I've been watching Boeser all year, the facts are the kid is more ready than McCann and Virtanen at the beginning of this season. he is not a bad skater... not sure where people got this ? He skates pretty good. He has really good hockey IQ, He knows where to be to get his shot off, his hand speed is incredible and he has a mature body and is hard to push off the puck! .He is fantastic off the rush and is able to create his own scoring chances which is something that excites me, but having a creative passing centre with him would make him even more lethal. I think he could be fun to watch with the Sedins. When his two high powered linemates when down to injury (undrafted free agent Caggiula , 1st round drafted Chicago Schmaltz) the team leaned on him to score and he put them on his back and continued to lead the team in scoring. His defense is pretty good, but like most young guys could use some seasoning with positioning and board work. He hasn't spent that much time on the penalty kill, but i think that will change next year at UND. Over all I would love to see this kid in our line up, but lets see what the draft brings us this year. We also need some spaces left open for veteran leadership. One more year at UND will make him a more complete player. There is no denying guys, this kid will be a 20-30 goal scorer in the NHL. Its just probably not going to be next year.
  12. put this in the skywalker thread but should be here. If this kid keeps working hard he is going to be a stud. here are some comparable UND Freshman stats: 2005 TJ Oshie 44 24 21 45 2004 Johnathon Toews 42 22 17 39 2004 Travis Zajac 45 20 19 39 2002 Zach Parise 39 26 35 61 2003 Drew Stafford 36 11 21 32 2015 Brock Boeser 33 24 17 41 note games played
  13. playoffs
  14. here are some comparable UND Freshman stats: 2005 TJ Oshie 44 24 21 45 2004 Johnathon Toews 42 22 17 39 2004 Travis Zajac 45 20 19 39 2002 Zach Parise 39 26 35 61 2003 Drew Stafford 36 11 21 32 2015 Brock Boeser 33 24 17 41 note games played
  15. Boeser is having a BIG night ! NOT EVEN HALF WAT THROUGH THE GAME!!