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  1. Who do you choose?

    Have to go for a D
  2. [PETITION] - Change Vancouver Canucks Jerseys

    I'd like to not spend another $250 on a jersey...
  3. Baertschi Sutter Burrows

    Sooo anyone for a kid line? Baertschi Horvat Virtanen That's what dreams are made of.
  4. Leafs trade kessel to Arizona for the rights to their building.
  5. Hey remember when we signed matt o'connor....
  6. Looking Back On Cup Run

    I don't like to think about it, it still hurts. Also I like to pretend it didn't end with Canucks fans trashing our city and reputation.....
  7. Live Long Enough to Become the Villain (Bieksa)

    Love the guy, but it's a lot about business....
  8. Who will AV go after from Canucks?

    Id say Higgins or hammer. I could definitely see him wanting lack as their next goalie... I have to say though I don't buy that coaches have a huge say....
  9. Ownership and Fans Disconnect.

    Could be worse, we could have the leafs ownership...
  10. If we won Game 7 in 2011

    Ah the what if game....
  11. Switching Jerseys/Logos Poll

    Frankly I'm tired of buying new jerseys and so is my wallet... But if they do change, they need to be completely redone new colours, logos, everything. Then keep them for 20 years...
  12. . I wouldn't count out weber, he looked good and he will be cheap.
  13. I think if he really wants to be here than he will take a deal, but frankly after his interview I'm thinking no way he resigns...
  14. How to get over this depression of the seasons end

    Am I the only one that isn't really disappointed? Usually I am but when we lost last night I really just felt... Meh, guess I'm just getting used to it....