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  1. What? Get out, you're an embarrassment to Canucks fans.
  2. You leave math out of this
  3. After 8 years of fans like you throwing him under the bus, he had a right to want to leave.
  4. If he can stay healthy and play 75-82 games he could easily be a great depth forward.. if the price is right.
  5. I would be shocked if another goalie ever wore #1 again. hope that's made official.
  6. Underpaid in my opinion, shows he wants to be a Canuck!
  7. Pretty high risk for very little reward.
  8. I think we've blown up the defence enough over the last couple seasons. let them build chemistry and see how well the do before making more additions/changes.
  9. I hear John Scott is available
  10. Thanks for comin out
  11. Former Medicine Hat Tiger....
  12. Just visiting the team store for a canucks puck head!