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  1. Corrodo gets paid to sit
  2. Jimbo is having a great Canada Day!
  3. Would you also say you liked the reebok ones
  4. You know what I'm not buying? An NHL adidas jersey...
  5. Yea I dont know, I was really hopping for a drastic change that would change how this new group of young players looks going forward. I love our current sweater but all i think when i see it is the reminder of so many years of losing..
  6. Why? It's literally the same sweater.. they might have dropped the word Vancouver at best..
  7. Oh sad... that would be our luck..
  8. Remember the last time the Canucks drafted an cocky underachiever? Wasn't his name Cody?
  9. Basically a do-over for Guddy, hope it pays off!