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  1. 3 years is to dam long!
  2. What’s...playoffs???
  3. All time Czech, Russian and Finnish Canucks

    Canucks season in a nutshell, all Swedish and no Finnish...
  4. Last Fall's Mistake?

    So basically this is the “I told you so” thread...
  5. [Petition] Bring Back Nikita Tryamkin

    Didn’t his wife hate it here...?
  6. I would have preferred a 5th round pick... only way we win this trade is if Vanek resigns in the summer...
  7. Dang guess we’re not making the playoffs...
  8. Stealth-Renewal Is 99.5% Realized (beauty, eh? :^)

    Ugh, I’m so over the “tank” yes I know we need to rebuild and draft well but I’m tired of us talking like Oiler fans and always looking past the season to the draft... We can rebuild, and we can trade for picks... but I refuse to be excited about it!!
  9. Your ideal send off for the twins?

    I may take heat for this and I know it won’t happen buuuuut, I would like to see Hank retire and Danny go for one more year... watching the 2 play this season has been very different. Henrik is slow, never wins puck battles, and often costs us an odd man rush when he gives the puck away....Daniel on the other hand while still not super fast can score goals and make good passes up the boards.. it won’t happen... but it should happen, Hanks done.
  10. Luongo to Parkland Victims

    Not sure if this has been posted, Yes he’s not a Canuck anymore but Lou has my respect for this and thought it deserved a share. https://www.nhl.com/video/luongo-on-his-love-for-parkland/c-58073503
  11. What should have been from Kesler trade.

    Another day in Vancouver another what if....
  12. Why not trade Markstrom for something better? Get demko up here and share the net with Anders until he’s ready?
  13. Bo or brock

  14. [PGT] Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I’m sorry but I’m not on the tank, sign Vanek for 3 years this guy is exactly what the canucks need for scoring and for leadership.