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  1. I thoughts so too, nice to see Schaller and Beagle just jump start whoever gets put on their line. I'm glad to see that our middle two lines have woken up from the first one and a half periods.
  2. He should be entered into a concussion protocol lately... falling all over, losing his footing and floating around. I love the way he played last season and for the first five games this year.
  3. Pearson needs to be benched. Avoids going for an easy line change and then floats around and fails to get it in deep.
  4. We're a two line team... our 1st line and our 4th line are the only ones doing anything out there today.
  5. We really need Motte back in our lineup. I can't wait to see both Honey Badger 2.0 and Gaudette in our lineup together. Pearson and Leivo shouldn't be exempt for being scratched here and there.
  6. They crashed our net on both of their goals. I don't see enough Canucks around Blackwood's crease.
  7. Cheers Devron! Let me know if you need any recommendations for places after the game as far as food and/or drinks go. Hoping for lots of goals for you!
  8. I'm an immigrant and I don't have a problem with Cherry's comments. I can see why people don't like them, but those that are going out of their way to criticize Don are extremely annoying to me. I'm so sick and tired every comment being over-analyzed. As far as Cherry goes, I don't think that he should apologize for anything. It would make my day though if he came on and pointed out that USSR had the most casualties by a wide margin during WWII.
  9. I don't know why Montreal Gazette has a Vancouver Canucks prospects roundup (major props to them!), but here is a nice article that is a few days old that's got most of our prospects there with updates, video clips, etc. To help pass the time before faceoff
  10. I just saw his lacrosse style goal from a few days ago, can't believe I missed it! He's quickly shot up to the one forward that I'm the most excited about. Him, Madden and Podkolzin are the most likely to make it to the next level but Nils has got the craziest skillset out of any of them!
  11. Way to go Aidan! 2 goals tonight
  12. Throw that tape out, start with a clean slate for New Jersey. Winnipeg is still a great team even without Byfuglien.