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  1. So we have a very likely chance of not surrendering our 1st round pick this year and then having a do-or-get-&^@#ed season next year. I really don't like what they're doing to the draft order here. It was such a no-brainer to just have it according to winning percentage at the end of the shortened season.
  2. Keep in mind that UFC couldn't make one of the most anticipated fights in their history happen because Khabib Nurmagomedov is in Russia. I wouldn't hold my breath on getting Tryamkin here until next year.
  3. I'm claiming that I don't care about this season and won't watch it, until the first Canucks game of course haha I really do hope that it just gets cancelled. Reeks of desperation at this point.
  4. As they say, you have to be good to be lucky... hang on...
  5. That's what this conversation's about, getting the law changed.
  6. I'm right with you there... my watching season is done. I already disliked the fact that the playoff games were running into the summer. No way I'm tuning in for August and September games.
  7. ... and the Clintons and Joe Bidden are different? Look at the number of new wars that were started under each administration. I don't like Republicans but Democrats are the same $&!#, different toilet.
  8. Brad Marchand will get suspended for life for licking someone.
  9. Who's this Corona guy, can he play center, and why does his thread have more pages then Tryamkin's?
  10. We absolutely do, I can't see us letting Tanev walk. Hopefully Juolevi or Rafferty come through next year but it's looking very slim outside of Quinn Hughes. Tryamkin would be great, but we ain't got no money!
  11. Exactly, it's impossible to talk about issues with people because they already have their mind set on one side and there's no way you can reason with them. That's how the media presents it anyways, and those are the only people that make it in front of a camera, sadly. Even though I studied math and statistics, the best course I ever took at SFU was a communications class that analyzed different media and exercised critical thinking. I'm so glad that I chose that elective.
  12. I disagree, as recently as two years ago my old boss went to visit his friend in the Atlantic provinces and my boss was amazed how many times they would just walk into people's places. Bowling for Columbine was filmed a LONG time ago now, if you think of how FAST our culture has changed with the internet and the way we interact. It was absolutely normal to go around the neighbourhood and visit your friends by just showing up to someone's place. There were no cell phones (1 in 50 people would maybe own one). The liberty of this of course depended on how big your city was and if you lived in an apartment or a quiet residential neighbourhood.
  13. I used to be more on the left but the left has really disappointed me in the last decade. They are guilty of the very same things that they so loudly complained about just a few years earlier.
  14. About 150 pages ago, I listed the comparables to Tryamkin playing in the NHL and estimated that he's looking at about 3 mil/season on a deal that's fair for both parties. Really hoping that we can make some moves and fit both Toffoli and Tryamkin on our team next year!