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  1. I’m not impressed by the way you carry yourself on these boards Mr Heffy. People that deserve to be called “pieces of trash” are rapists and few others. You gotta check yourself a little bit.
  2. Hot take: I don't mind Fiala, yeah he threw out his elbows but they weren't malicious.... Hartman on the other hand, I hope someone burries him.
  3. Most of them aren't, but he did really give it to Kunin... was a bit dangerous too the way he jumped on him when he was on the ice. I like the penalty though, he definitely roughed him up.
  4. Tough one.... I mean I'd love to have all three but if I had to order them in terms of importance 1. Marky 2. Tanev 3. Toff I can see a lot of players taking 1 or 2 year deals this off-season for a lot less money though.