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  1. Exactly and Markstrom is very injury prone. People seem to think that Miller staying will somehow make us finish 10th worst. With Miller we will once again be in a dog fight to finish 3rd or 2nd worst in the league.
  2. Mr Alf, your view is not so different from mine /Bond Villain i believe that when you play on a team as bad as Colorado, everyone becomes selfish because you don't have a chance of winning and personal stats are of only importance since you are playing for your job next season. Losing Miller would have that effect. Bo and company would never have the opportunity to score any clutch goals because we would be starting 3-0 down after 1
  3. There is a big difference between us and Colorado in terms of our season last year. If you followed the NHL you would've heard 82 jokes at Colorado's expense. We were just bad, like a few other teams, not Colorado bad.
  4. We cannot have a Colorado type season. Do all you fans live in a fantasy world? Ever thought about the fact that we are a sliver away from being the laughing stock of the league and losing 7-1 on a nightly basis? That would result in more departures, and nobody wanting to play in Vancouver. We we need Miller.
  5. Exactly, he clears the front of the net like no one else I've seen in a Canucks jersey since Murray Baron and Dana Murzyn... except that Tryamkin can skate and join the rush.
  6. Canuck fans have been brainwashed by the idiots over at Team 1040 over the last decade.
  7. Agreed on Nikita, but man you are very wrong on Aaron Rome. He was the best no.5/6/7 d-man that we've had. Tough SOB, nobody messed with him.
  8. I think it's a term used by radical feminists when they look for things to pin on a white male. That's what urban dictionary tells me, a very legit source I must say! In any case, some fans have higher hopes because of Subban's last name. It's foolish.
  9. I look forward to your recaps every evening. Thank you for the continuous updates!
  10. Give it a rest. You and some portion of the media are as mature as 8 year olds asking for ice cream. Stop clinging on to words and look at the actions. The only thing that you can blame is the Canucks' 14-15 team that got 101 points and gave management false hope.
  11. They signed Eriksson so that we don't end up being so bad that guys don't want to play here anymore. If we had barely missed out on the playoffs maybe Tryamkin would've stayed. Not getting playing time on the 2nd worst team in the league is frustrating. Bo Horvat will probably resign but I can assure you that he's not thrilled at all to be going back to the 2nd worst team in the league. You can't dump every single player that can help you win games and expect everything to be just dandy going forward.
  12. If Canucks were a playoff team, Tryamkin might still be here. Finishing second last in the league drives players away from Vancouver. For that reason, it's a no from me on another tank.
  13. OMG Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality....
  14. Oh man, you made me remember the vast divide that exists between Lebrun and the morning show clowns. You can tell in Lebrun's voice that he is not enjoying the interview but still ends up divulging as much info as he can.
  15. I'll take making it to the Finals over being a tough team that doesn't make the playoffs. It was Finals that went to game 7. If someone just read your post they would think that the Canucks got swept in 4.