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  1. Maybe Ryan Johansen could be good insurance IF Stamkos leaves.
  2. I know it gets said a lot, but I would be pretty surprised if somebody didn't grab him. If Reimer is out anytime Leafs could use him or Florida just lost Montoya. Both would be good fits IMO
  3. NHL 16 Thread

    Yes awesome now I can get back to complaining about other stuff lol
  4. NHL 16 Thread

    Does anybody know when the roster update will happen. I would assume sometime this weekend
  5. [PGT] Nucks 5 - Flames 1

    I really liked Tanev last night. He looked all around better his foot speed looked vastly improved. Hope this is a sign to come.
  6. How dare you not mention the FLAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEES lol
  7. Would love to see McCaan on that Burrows Hansen line
  8. True, but there isn't a ton of open spots and he hasn't outplayed anyone who he may be battling against
  9. Stats can be misleading but if you look at it McCaan stats far out way Vey's and they are going for the same spot
  10. LOL Higgins is not scruff that is full on wholly $&!# awesome
  11. Everyone is all over Vey which is deserved, but the one that ticks me off the most is Sutter. Not that he is a bad player and not because he can't contribute (Hopefully) but because before he even played a game before we seen where the rookies were he was given a big lengthy contract. Again not his fault, but every time management does something good they do something else that has you shaking your head for weeks (or Longer). Sedin, Horvat McCann looks like a pretty good three right now.
  12. NHL 16 Thread

    LOL ya that's what I figure and that's why I wasn't going to hook it up to the internet till later. Where I stay I don't have internet so I have to come over to my parents which I will probably do tomorrow or over the weekend when I am busy with the garden.
  13. NHL 16 Thread

    Ahhh next two hours are going to be tortures. My PS4 NHL bundle came in today and is available to be picked up at the post office, but I can't get into town until 2 or 2:30 lol damn
  14. [Trade]Grabner to Leafs

    Seems like a win-win. Both sides got what they wanted Isles a cap dump and Leafs open up some roster spots to probably sign a few of their PTO's.
  15. quoting from the book and movie lol I would be amazed if this Mother shut yo mouth actually read a book. Can I get confirmation