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  1. Hard to gauge these trades until they are official. I wouldn't even be that shocked if Islanders tried and land a Mrazek or Grubauer or someone like that.
  2. I live in BC is there any reason why this game should be blacked out on Gamecenter
  3. Could someone please help me out with Projected lines. I am trying to set up the Comets in NHL 17 it's just hard trying to wade through a bunch of players that shouldn't be there or I am not sure if they are still around.
  4. I like what Colorado quietly did. Adding Tyutin, Colborne and Wiercioch on short cheap deals.
  5. I just don't see Canucks having what it takes too move to 3rd or if they do have it there probably is no sense in moving it. If Jackets move the pick I could honestly see Calgary making the swap
  6. It would be cool to see a three way trade. Leafs get 3rd over plus, Coyotes get 1rst over, Jackets get 7th over plus. Never happen of course but would be crazy too see. Top 10 picks rarely get moved then bam three in the top seven get swapped lol.
  7. Awesome job Canada. Mike Matheson winning the best defence men is mind boggling though IMO he was easily Canada's worst D, but what ever the Gold medal is all that matters Wooooooooooo
  8. Does anyone know if there is going to be a Replay my Dad didn't get to watch. This morning on the online TSN schedule it said on TSN 2 at 4:30 but now they are showing soccer. This big of a game I can't imagine they wouldn't re show it.
  9. Just the way it is, but it still bugs me that Canada could be eliminated today and The States could still medal after losing to Canada, Germany and The Slovaks and now barely beating the Czechs. Whatever Let's Go Canada tough matchup, but they can still do it. Hopefully Talbot has a bounce back game.
  10. F Edmonton and their crappy goaltending
  11. Does anyone have CAPS for Boeser and Demko ?
  12. It concerning how much Benning has flipped. Just a couple of days ago it was about doing it on the fly and getting NHL ready guys. Now it's all about Draft picks and picking the right guys and about the guys in College and Juniors. That is one hell of a change in atitude
  13. Anybody have a clue what TSN's article is going on about. The Purcell to Florida article half way through starts to talk about Schultz ending his 4 year term with the Oil what the hell
  14. Eh I guess this goes to show Hammer will more then likely not be moved. Hawks and LA added depth on D (Plus Ladd). LA will be more interested in adding a forward. Tampa resigned Coburn and them and the Caps have to be pushing towards Cap ceiling. I would say only other rumour kicking around is Stars, but I really don't see anything happening. Especially with Russell still out there
  15. First thought was Ducks don't need him, but IF they did deal Andersen and maybe IF we took Khudobin back in the deal it could make some sense to have a vet like Miller backing up Gibson. A lot of if's though