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  1. 1am Wednesday morning thread start wondering what Tanevs name preference is haha. Just as bad me posting here at 5am lol
  2. Exactly one third of the season done. Good time to look at some real numbers. All of our young core are on pace for career years! Pettersson - 93 points Miller - 81 points Boeser - 72 points Horvat - 69 points Hughes - 66 points The future is here. The future is bright. Go Canucks go
  3. Half the period gone without a single shot. O boy
  4. I think that’s Bo’s best interview following a loss. Enough with taking away positives after a loss, that was him saying ‘we sucked’ for two minutes. Finally calling a spade a spade. Well done cap. Now carry this team back to a W
  5. Total pain I know. Thumb is killing me. And my heated steering wheel isn’t hot enough to make it feel better. Could barely pull on my diamond shoes this morning. Some people have no regards for others
  6. Tough time for him. Lost my mother when I was 24. Devastating time in my life. Lean on your family and friends and teammates Marky. Much love big man
  7. Oops missed that! Either way exciting young core!