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  1. Really feel bad for the Oilers. They really needed just one more first overall pick, they’re just so close to getting over the hump. They really deserved this pick. Said no one ever. Screw the Coilers and their dumpster fire franchise.
  2. If I was a betting man I’d say the Canucks players were hoping to face the Blues. They’re hungry. Love it. Voted Nucks in 7. Expecting a big series from Horvat
  3. Stars ended the season poorly and are 0-2 in the round robin scoring only 3 goals and allowing 9. I’m hoping for a Dallas matchup
  4. If Horvat wasn’t wearing the C (and I’m happy he is), my next choice would be J.T. Miller
  5. Fun fact. The Vancouver Canucks have won as many playoff series in Rogers Place as the Edmonton Oilers. Lolololol
  6. I hope we beat Minny and go deep. I also think the term generational talent is thrown around way too much. There can’t be one every draft. In my opinion there’s been probably six the last 50 years. Howe, Orr, Gretzky, Mario, Crosby, and maybe Mcdavid. Anyways, go Nucks! Can’t wait for Sunday night.