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  1. [Report] Canucks recall Thatcher Demko

    Kids got such a cool name. Demko, Thatcher Demko
  2. Happy Birthday Daniel and Henrik

  3. Congrats to Trevor Linden!

    47! Better late then never I guess
  4. Is Virtanen the most under-rated Canuck prospect?

    Would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. But he's looking like a major bust
  5. Stanley Cup next year - Vegas Odds

    Screw Edmonton
  6. Hoping for 1 or 2. Expecting 4 or 5
  7. 2017 Canucks Award Winners

    Exactly how I voted. Good stuff
  8. Next Season's To-Do List? (3 Things)

    Get Edler to pass the puck to Brock on the PP. So annoying watching that fart muncher
  9. Sum up the season..

    The walking dead
  10. How to approach Edler about waiving his NTC

    "Pass the puck to Brock on the PP or we Mike Richards you"
  11. Don’t Believe Anything Iain MacIntyre Tells You

    T h a t s u c k e d