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  1. 47! Better late then never I guess
  2. Would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. But he's looking like a major bust
  3. Screw Edmonton
  4. Hoping for 1 or 2. Expecting 4 or 5
  5. Exactly how I voted. Good stuff
  6. Get Edler to pass the puck to Brock on the PP. So annoying watching that fart muncher
  7. The walking dead
  8. "Pass the puck to Brock on the PP or we Mike Richards you"
  9. T h a t s u c k e d
  10. 63 points last year to 33 this year. I'm sure he'll get better. I mean he has to. But it's safe to say he's been a massive disappointment so far
  11. Stupid knees. I've torn and had surgery on both my knees. I feel his pain. Last one was 2 years ago and still never gotten back to 100%. I hope he can tho. But knees suck for injuries