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    Loui Eriksson opted out....... 4 years ago
  2. Excuse me if I take the word of an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology instead of a random CDC poster. As for your death rate outside of wuhan? The death rate outside of china is at 3% right now. Pretty much in line with the worldwide number of 3.6% .04% is way off base
  3. Cancer isn't a wolrdwide contagious airborne illness that is doubling in size every 4 days. But you wouldn't realize that. You can't even tell the difference between the common flu and coronavirus.
  4. You might want to educate yourself on this virus. YouTube joe rogan podcast 1439 with Michael Osterholm. washing your hands and sticking your head in the sand isnt going to work on this airborne virus.
  5. First of all I was simply helping you out. You asked how dahlen was doing and I showed you his stat line. You quoted my entire post and its plain to see I never called anyone trash at all. In fact if you go back to the Dahlen/Karlsson trade thread you will see that I supported the deal citing additude, age, skating, size, defensive awareness, position and club control as reasons why I liked Karlsson better. As for your calculations you would be better served to take his PPG average over those 11 games (17÷11=1.5454545455) and multiply it by the 50 games Dahlen has played. You would get 77 points. Small sample sizes compared to large hardly ever translate but if you are trying to prove a point you shouldn't take the lazy route and round up in your favor. Cheers!
  6. If he is seeking an extension similar to this he'd better seek it somewhere else.
  7. You would have to be insane to trade pettersson for 2 firsts. The closest instance that I can think of where a young star was traded so early for picks was Phil Kessel after his 3rd season. But even then not very comparable.... -Phil was 22 Pettersson is 21 -Phil had 126 points in 222 games (.57ppg) Pettersson has 129 points in 135 games (.96ppg) -Kessel was a one way winger Pettersson is a 2 way center All these factors add up to higher value. Not to mention Kessels poor reputation and contract demands at the time. Despite that he still fetched 2 firsts and a second.
  8. We never scored a goal in game 7... how is that luongos fault?