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  1. 0-4-1 this season with a 4.44 GAA and .879 SV% Poor Toronto spent all their money on the big 4 and can't afford a backup goalie, 4th line or even a player in the press box.
  2. 1989 canucks vs flames. Freaking Joel Otto!
  3. Due to florida taxes, weather, privacy and tampas amazing team they can sign good players that take less for the lifestyle. Dont worry about Tampa... they will be just fine despite losing gems like miller.
  4. What union would push for a policy that takes money out of its members pockets?
  5. Classy move by gmjb. Biega is an nhl dman (an awesome #7-8) He will get a better shot in hub city. Cheers alex... you were a champ, best of luck!
  6. There's where I see a problem. The money would be fine if it were a 4 year deal. He will undoubtedly slow down in the back half of the 8 and will probably be a 40 point player that isn't a defensive force. Pretty steep at 6.5 even if the cap rises.
  7. Pettersson is a stud! guy is gonna be a solid nhl dman for 15 years. Nothing flashy but a solid, smart, dependable 2nd pairing guy. Was a steal for the pens