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  1. According to Justin Morris in his latest podcast Haha, yeah ok
  2. Lol it's a daily grind. -let's claim him and send him to Utica -we should have signed him to a two way deal so he wouldn't require waivers -that team claimed a player so they go to the bottom of the list Classic CDC
  3. Sounds magical!
  4. 20 lbs less and 3 inches shorter... they meant keith-light
  5. The fact is those kids are 17-20 years old and shouldn't be expected to play "any meaningful type of role on the canucks"
  6. All bolded players ar out of the NHL or bottom of the wonder we needed a rebuild.
  7. And they proceed to score 2 goals each that night
  8. I'd rather trade Hansen and sbisa. let vegas choose between gaunce, bachman or biega:p
  9. Can't be worse than megna or skille. Could use some punch back with dorsett gone. I'd be hoping we give Labate that spot though.
  10. Pretty sure Subban would have been more aware of his surroundings. The guy has had to just to survive in the OHL and now AHL being so small (like Johnny hockey) Larsen on the other hand has played 90% of his career overseas and isn't short by any means. But I see what you are getting at. Subban getting blindsided in his first hand full of games would suck. The thought crossed my mind after the hall hit. What would have happened if he ran tryamkin? Would he just bounce off? Would he receive the headshot? Would he even have the guts to try it?
  11. Why stop there? how about you redo every single draft with 20/20 vision? As for pastrnak 24 teams passed on him. This happens in every draft, in many ways its a lottery. It's like saying benning should have picked the gold rush ticket on the right instead of the left.
  12. Yeah no doubt..... Pretty hard.
  13. He's good but I liked him much better with matchbox 20