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  1. My bad I just saw New York and thought he was back with the islanders. Still has 9 more teams to tie Sillinger.
  2. 2 nhl teams is a journeyman now?
  3. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Been there done that...
  4. Ok Virtanen Haters... time to man up

    Thats my point. He wouldn't because he can't... never threw a body check in his life, jumps 3 feet in the air when someone winds up, doesn't win board battles. Do you honestly think that Nylander would put up the same amount of points if he was on bo's wing instead of Matthews? If he gets 60 points there I'm guessing he gets 50 on bo's wing, that's Baertschi territory and certainly not 7 mil per year material. If Virtanen can put up 40ish points on Sutter/Granlund/Beagle's wing what would he put up with 1st line minutes with #1pp and Mathews? I'm betting at least 50 points while playing a fast paced physical 2 way game. The people that just look at the point totals without looking at ice time, deployment, linemates, physical play and defensive stats are just silly.
  5. Ok Virtanen Haters... time to man up

    Wow I never knew Torres put up over 100 points a game in junior! Thanks for digging up that gem
  6. Ok Virtanen Haters... time to man up

    How many points would jake have playing on matthews wing? How would nylander do playing a 3rd line checking role? Virtanen is on pace for 30+ goals this year. That smashes bernier, pratt and Torres best year... and the kid just turned 22!
  7. Henrik Sedin on SN650

    They were great but I don't think 11-14 year old Pettersson would handle the nhl well.
  8. Henrik Sedin on SN650

  9. I'd put in it the top 5 for sure but I dont think it's the worst... -Ottawa trading Turris, Bowers(was a 2017 1st rounder), a 3rd rounder and their 1st round (a ticket in the Hughes lottery) in the upcoming draft for duchesne -Florida letting the knights take marchessault and smith (135 points last year between them) for a 4th round pick. -Griffin Reinhart for a 1st (Barzal) and a 2nd
  10. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Yanni Gourde

    Cory Conacher comes to mind. Same size, same team, undrafted, put up almost a ppg in his first season and then fell off a cliff. Became a 13th forward and then a 15th forward.
  11. Yep. Imagine signing WN to a 7x7 deal straight out of his first contract. In a few more years we would have to pay pettersson 12x7. Sets a crazy bar.