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  1. I think they would love to move MAF but the return is low and the deal would be hard to make with the NMC. They may have to cut losses and trade Murray for futures (sound familiar?)
  2. But if fleury isn't moved before the expansion draft they lose Murray. I cant see them just gifting him to the new team. One of those goalies will be traded (not necessarily right away) , it's a luongo/schnieder situation.
  3. Shinkaruk and granlund might have some great chemistry for Las Vegas next year.
  4. Sbisa is a much better defenseman
  5. The other 3 can be signed at any time but because Guddy just signed this summer he has to wait.
  6. Can't extend guddy until january 1st.... so there's that.
  7. Who is inflating his hitting stats? Cant be the team... he led the nhl with minny as well. The guy hits everything that moves and does it clean without dumb penalties. Last season he put up 15 goals to go along with that rough and tumble play. Is the extra 5 goals by nino a fair tradeoff for the 159 extra hits that clutterbuck dished out? As I said nino never lived up to his 5th overall billing, by the time he was traded it was clear he would never become a top line player. In my opinion clutterbuck is the more valuable player but it is close. My point was that nino wasn't a "castoff" as you put it.
  8. They traded a very valuable player and a 3rd round pick for nino. Sure niederreiter never lived up to his 5th overall draft pick billing but I feel the islanders won that deal.
  9. And then he called daniel a lowlife. Lol
  10. $699,999 signing bonus and a buck to play.
  11. Just means they get a lesser amount when they play in the minors. Has nothing to do with waivers
  12. This from the league who sent a player to the hall of fame and gave him a job while his cap hit was used against the cap on LTIR so a team could circumvent the CBA.
  13. Wow that is a huge advantage!
  14. These 2 players are actually polar opposites.
  15. Lol I read your post as a question... probably due to the triple question marks. "Granlund has played very well this pre-season???" I think he has been great, one of our best players this preseason.