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  1. Not only that but him being in the AHL saves him about $500,000 a year in escrow payments. In effect he has been given a raise to play in Utica.
  2. Yep 5 years later we can finally say the flames might have won that trade.
  3. I still wouldn't trade LE for Lucic. That extra year on Milan's contract is a no go
  4. Funny little article from an armchair gm 4 years ago... The Canucks Lost the Cory Schneider Trade and It Was Not Close By devanmalhotra94 on Jan 28, 2015 the return in the trade for the Canucks was lackluster to say the least. While Horvat might develop into a serviceable middle six center, he was not worth trading away a proven NHL goaltender in Cory Schneider. ... However, so far, his career has been unspectacular, at best. Often a healthy scratch, Horvat has been unable to live up to the lofty standards of being the 9th overall pick. More importantly, he has been unable to live up to the lofty standards of being the return for a proven NHL goaltender in Cory Schneider. A classic example of counting your chickens before they are hatched!
  5. I wonder how it's going to be when we flash forward another 4 years.
  6. 0-4-1 this season with a 4.44 GAA and .879 SV% Poor Toronto spent all their money on the big 4 and can't afford a backup goalie, 4th line or even a player in the press box.
  7. Due to florida taxes, weather, privacy and tampas amazing team they can sign good players that take less for the lifestyle. Dont worry about Tampa... they will be just fine despite losing gems like miller.
  8. What union would push for a policy that takes money out of its members pockets?
  9. Classy move by gmjb. Biega is an nhl dman (an awesome #7-8) He will get a better shot in hub city. Cheers alex... you were a champ, best of luck!