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  1. So you would have rather had Biega on the ice... then not bam?
  2. Could have taken his man but yeah... nothing he could do. Bud
  3. That song is soooo damn played out
  4. Stetcher had a front row seat for both goals
  5. Imagine if we sent him to bo's skating coach
  6. Was just looking at this... 9 games 7-0-2 1.55 GAA .954 SV% 2 shutouts What a streak! (Markys 2.33GAA and .928SV% in that time is nothing to sneeze at either)
  7. By the time he is waiver eligible he will be at the very least an elite 4th line banger. No need to waive him.
  8. They can't protect everyone but they don't have to protect Hutton. He is exempt....Trading him means you are still exposing sbisa.
  9. Him and stetcher can share bunk beds and save money on accommodations.
  10. That's what I was thinking. Good chance we don't see Pedan again this year unless we trade a dman. We can't afford to play Russian Roulette with him again