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  1. Is there a bigger nerd in the media than J pat? I think a guy who looks like ferland wedgied him in high school
  2. *Disclaimer* I've been busy as hell all day and havent had a chance to get on here But if anyone....ANYONE! Has a reason to hate this signing you gotta give your head a shake.
  4. Not sure where you got your info from but Johansson has had multiple concussions in his career.
  5. Basically the same games and points as Marcus Johansen over those 2 years. The market showed him to be worth 4.5mil x 2. Baer at 3.36 x2 would be considered bargain.
  6. A better question is... Who hasn't called him a f_ing loser?
  7. It's definitely complicated but either way we won't be needing it seeing as he will be returning to the lineup a few months in and we have over 10 million in space with a 22 man roster (minus what brock gets of course)
  8. I believe we can't get LTIR relief until the season actually begins, so you go into the season with it on the cap and then instantly replace it. This is why vegas was looking to move Clarkson's deal.
  9. We have 5.57mil right now with a 27 man roster (not including brock). We will be rolling with a 23 man roster so let's look at who won't be on the team. Bailey at 700k Brisebois at 698k Sautner at 675k Plus 2 more around a million (gaudette,schaller,biega etc.) Right there you have to knock 4 million off the cap and we have 9.6 million to work with.
  10. His 200 hits put him 1st on the canucks by a mile and at #26 in the entire league. But it's his insanely low 10 PIM's that screams Lady Byng