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  1. Good news for Montreal that Sergachev is doing well. The habs owe the lightening their 2nd round draft pick but.... if Sergachev plays 32 more games the pick is reverted to Montreal.
  2. June 21st- Vegas selects 13 Dmen making no question they are going to trade some. June 24th- Travis Hamonic is traded.
  3. Sbisa's contract been beaten to death on here over the years and everytime it comes up the comparables are pretty much bang on. That contract was damn close to market value. Sutters contract was signed in hopes that if given a bigger role he could improve his numbers. That didn't happen but a 20 goal defensive specialist center goes for 4 million all day in the NHL. Errikson has flopped here but was a proven player coming in. If you compare his contract to any of the other big free agents that offseason its nearly a carbon copy. Why you would complain about giving a 1 year low cost deal for a player who is tied for the team lead in points and we can flip at the deadline for assets is a mystery to me. Gudbranson at 3.5 million is a great number.
  4. If edler is out is month to month? Yes If elder is week to week? Maybe If edler is day to day? No
  5. He sure did... he got 80 points in 200 games out of him (33 points per 82 games) and then traded him for Nick Leddy. Tallon got his moneys worth.
  6. This is gudbranson dough!
  7. If it included guddy (and i think it was more of a case of vancouver taking demers contact and getting paid for it) the trade probably would have went something like guddy for demers, a blue chip prospect and a 2nd.
  8. Thats the kicker. Tallon stepped down and the new GM stripped his division leading team. Then after it was burnt to the ground they brought Tallon back to build it back up. Fits the narrative but I think its more just trying to sell papers.
  9. Don't tell me you are of the "it was demers for guddy straight up crowd"
  10. Further more they can call Pickard as they see fit. Playing him up to 10 games or 30 days collectively without the risk of having to waive him. Its effectively a 3rd capable nhl goalie on deck.
  11. As I outlined this isn't a new idea. Expansion drafts have been happening for 50 years. The league never forced this on the 30 teams, the league was the 30 teams. Some people think bettman is the warden and tells all the owners what to do. He is basically their lawyer, he gives councel and puts things in motion but at the end of the day he is just the voice of a collective. Why should Vegas get better selection than say San Jose, Minnesota, or Columbus did? Trial and error? Learning from your mistakes? Besides the fact that all of those teams had to share the expansion pool with another team? Revenue sharing has come into effect since those days. A failing franchise hurts the whole league, not just the individual owner anymore. The league also wants to expand again in the future so the optics need to be good.
  12. I just got a chuckle about someone insinuating that vegas got everything for "free". Hell, back in the day you used to be able to trade players for cash. Vegas could have given up 100 million for the team and it still wouldn't be "free".
  13. It's called an expansion draft. The first one was 50 years ago and there have been 11 more since. Every team in the league had to expose assets to the new teams. Vegas paid $500,000,000 for 30 assets, that is literally the opposite of FREE. Hope that clears things up.
  14. 500 million dollars