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  1. No secret at all that he will wait and sign with the leafs. They need to change this loophole fast. Obviously the predators have offered him a max entry level contract. Because of that they should retain his RFA rights until age 26. 
  2. Guillaume Brisebois Talk

    It's like he was playing against team weber
  3. Junior contracts slide....besides that even if we were at 50 to start the year we lost Frankie to the leafs.
  4. I thought this was the useless draft info thread after reading your post. My bad.
  5. Keep your eyes on panarin, the guy has stood out in every hawks game I've seen this year. He's been money with Kane,  might win the Calder. 
  6. 209 players were drafted ahead of zetterberg in the 99' draft. ;)
  7. Has to be the dumbest thing Babcock has ever said.
  8. Does weber know he doesn't play for Montreal anymore?
  9. you have Jensen and Brock at the same value? You have a pending Ufa dman (hammer) and a dman signed below market value long term at the same value?
  10. The puck stops at hamhuis
  11. I wouldn't worry. They will probably send him down to the Marlies again for another conditioning stint.
  12. [Trade] Kevin Poulin to Flames

    Bo horvat is next to nothing??? That 9th overall pick happens to be the highest draft pick ever traded for a goalie.
  13. Wait.... are you talking to yourself captain?
  14. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    he was never even a point per game player in the ohl . Whoever wrote that article was exposed for the idiot they are. They were basing him a steal because he had a good 12 game playoff. Before that performance he would have been a late 1st.
  15. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Malholtra averaged 16 goals per season in junior before being drafted. Sutter averaged 23. Neither player was ever supposed to dominate on offense. They were both drafted as excellent 2 way players who could chip in at both ends of the ice.