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  1. That quote was from February when he was still with the sens. This is and old thread that was bumped.
  2. I remember benning being on team1040 early this summer and they asked him if he had interest in trading gudbranson (beleive it was that dork pratt digging for something after tallon was brought back). Benning straight up said without hesitation that after losing sbisa and tryamkin that there was no way we would trade gudbranson. He said we need that physical component on the back end more than ever. However if demers said it...
  3. I didnt realize that we didnt qualify him.
  4. Even if we had a horrid season and finished last by a country mile we would still only have a 20% chance at dahlin.
  5. Perfect 4th line center. Pretty shocked its just a pto.
  6. Not possible. There was much discussion a few years ago when markstrom was our #3 and freshly waiver eligible.
  7. I think there is a good chance the devils take him back if he hits waivers. They did the same last year when Nashville waived him and were hoping to sneak him back through when we snagged him.
  8. Sorry, I know most of the regulars here and can tell their tendencies, humour and in some cases illnesses. This is the first time seeing your screen name so I didn't have a read on you. For future reference a well placed is a good way to tip your hat.
  9. Not all of us got the magic Crystal ball ring in the cracker Jack box when we were kids. Wish I could predict the future like you!