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  1. [Waivers] Bruins waive Matt Belesky

    How about straight up for Louie? Yeah we get stuck with an expensive belesky for 2 years more... but we get rid of louies 4 more years.
  2. Seattle ...I'm betting they would outsell the bottom feeders in a heartbeat.
  3. [Waivers] Bruins waive Matt Belesky

    3.8 million reasons not to
  4. Yes a team could technically do this. There is the little matter of the 50 contract limit for NHL clubs as well as the 23 man roster limit.
  5. Yawn! The NHL wont let the horrible markets of Phoenix (31st at 13,000 av) and Carolina (32nd at 11,700 av) move but they will allow Calgary who sits at #10 with an average attendance of 18,700?
  6. There is no such thing in todays NHL... we were 2nd they were 1st. It was based on last years standings at the time
  7. No way he would have passed Colorado at #1
  8. If TO loses the lottery and picks 4th? They have Puljujarvi's 6 goals and 15 points instead of mathews 53 goals and 95 points? They are in a great position to bring in another top 5 pick for a few more years.
  9. Searching for Matt Johnson

    1994 was a piss poor draft all the way around. Edmonton took mike watt the pick before. Have to wonder how different Johnson's life would have been if the oilers took him and let him develope instead of being thrown into the fire in LA.
  10. I guess Google is not your friend. The did have it.... they traded it to the thrashers so they could draft #1 overall in their own building.
  11. We actually had a 1st overall. Burkie traded #4, #75 and #88 to the lightning for #1 at the 1999 draft.
  12. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    Id rather waive him and have him claimed. The contract spot is worth more than either of those guys.
  13. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    In all seriousness a karlsson deal would be at minimum Baer,OJ,Demko and a 1st.... then you have to give him 10 mil per season!