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  1. Not possible. There was much discussion a few years ago when markstrom was our #3 and freshly waiver eligible.
  2. I think there is a good chance the devils take him back if he hits waivers. They did the same last year when Nashville waived him and were hoping to sneak him back through when we snagged him.
  3. Sorry, I know most of the regulars here and can tell their tendencies, humour and in some cases illnesses. This is the first time seeing your screen name so I didn't have a read on you. For future reference a well placed is a good way to tip your hat.
  4. Not all of us got the magic Crystal ball ring in the cracker Jack box when we were kids. Wish I could predict the future like you!
  5. He was posting at 3am on a Friday night. Probably drunk out of his tree and delusional... even more so than the normal t.dee shtick.
  6. Vancouver and Toronto have "2 of the 3" the biggest fan bases. He wants hits nothing more.
  7. This sets the bar for Vegas in the sbisa extension negotiation.
  8. No star power right now but quite a few mushrooms, some flowers, a frog suit or two and even some leaves.
  9. A year after the Bruins traded thorntons contract they signed chara as a UFA if they have thorntons contract still on the books they couldn't have afforded that.
  10. With a new team, system and partner while injured? I'd say a similar year is a bonus under those circumstances. Almost guarantees improvement.
  11. “It looked like they were trying to get that going (the rough stuff) for a few shifts before,” Bieksa said about the brawl. “That ‘Ferklund,’ or whatever his name is, was running around trying to get something going. "It’s not the first time we have seen that in playoffs," he added. "We have played against Ben Eager and some other dumb-dumbs like that before. So we know how to handle that.” Read more:
  12. Problem is virtanen actually has to follow the rules. I've seen ferkland dish out super late hits while leaving his feet with no consequences.
  13. Martin Gerber