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  1. Trading 2nd OA or 3rd OA (discussion)

    I don't like most of your posts bro....... With that being said.....I LOVE THIS IDEA! Mainly #2OA. I would trade it to NYI for #8 & #12 on their own. Take Dobson and either Farabee or Kotkaniemi. Or trade #12 for Jake Bean. He may be odd man out with Slavin and Hanafin, doesn't seem like Carolina will trade either of them and he has got talent and could be a player for this team for years to come. Hate everything else you said tho ;).
  2. [Proposal] Van - Tor

    My straight up is Chris Tanev for Timothy Liljegren Thomas Vanek 50% retained for Pittsburgh 2nd round pick 2018
  3. Tampa - Van (Proposal)

    Soooo Hedman is their top LD and Sergachev is the #2 LD and while Edler would be useful during Hedman's injury you will than play Edler as a 3rd pairing D? Sergachev is already at least equal to Edler so your not going to drop him down to the bottom pair. They also they have Braydon Coburn as a 3.7 Mil #5/6 LD. Edler at 2.5 Mil maybe but not at 5 Mil I just don't see a need for Edler from Tampa's PoV
  4. Just think about... Dahlin-Tanev Juolevi-Stetcher As a top 4. Could be solid for years to come
  5. Proposal- Vancouver- Anaheim

    Also, not a chance this trade happens. Steel is their #1 prospect. I would think you have a better chance at getting Max Jones, whom is also playing in the WJC for the US.
  6. Proposal- Vancouver- Anaheim

    Elias does mostly play RW in the SHL. It's a common thing they do with young players over there. They tend to give the more veteran players the "C"inority (see what I did there) of playing centre. I think a better judgement of his play will be where he finishes during the WJC, he will probably start on the wing but it's believed that he will be playing some C as well.
  7. Top 5 tradable Assets (Discussion)

    As compared to what? Keep Tanev and Gudbranson and realize that in 2-3 years, if believing that they are at the same talent level, that our D-Core just isn't good enough. Sadly the Canucks defence are not that goodat generating/creating offence and that won't change if we keep these two one-dimensional defenceman. (Tanev is elite at what he does but unless we pair him with a uber-offensive defenceman like Rasmus Dahlin then he is somewhat under utilized).
  8. Top 5 tradable Assets (Discussion)

    In reality, yea I would. If there were good offers for both of them yes. With Tanev we can find a potential #2 D that's right-handed to be apart of our future. If for some reason we can recover a 1st rounder for guddy then yea I would do it as well. Pouliot has stated he prefers to play the right side. Stetcher, when he is healthy is a nice #4. Then we have Biega or we can ask for a #6 in a trade, tho I am sure many would say bring up a guy like Chatfield.
  9. Top 5 tradable Assets (Discussion)

    I would agree with many of you here about the best assets to trade. I do obviously worry that it will be tough to convince Edler to waive unless we threaten to buy him out or something. However, If (and its a big if) he waives I think he would do well to play with Karlsson in Ottawa. Let Karlsson focus on the offence and let Edler be more of the defensive, physical defenseman. IMO the asking price is a 1st round pick in 2018. I know Ottawa didnt want to give it up in the Duchene trade but I do believe the benefits for Ottawa outweigh the cost. I would then look at Tanev, I know everyone loves him and I do too but sometimes u have to give to get. I look at Liljegren in Toronto and a later pick (4th) at the TDL. Toronto needs to shore up that right side and as many have pointed out on different threads, Reilly and Tanev have looked great together in past tourney's. Last big one is Guddy, Florida obviously likes him, if we could pry a 2018 1st from them for Guddy 1for1 i would do it in a heartbeat. Then Vanek for a pick (2nd sounds nice but it will probably be a 3rd) and lastly Gagner, he has not fit in a way I and the organization has hoped (cause you know i am so connected.......) he could warrant a nice pick as well.
  10. Yea man, let's trade Guddy for a draft pick if anyone is dumb enough to and we will end up drafting a RHD. I am a Boqvist fan myself but if our draft pick was 10-14 i would not be against Bode Wilde.
  11. I would agree that he has been great so far this year however that is such a short sample size. If you look at his entire tenure with Vancouver and on Bo's wing that's where the inconsistency shows. Bo has had moments on inconsistency as well but he plays a different position and he a make a difference in a game in a much different way than a offensively gifted LW can. I'll give the man his props this year but do you really see him as a 1LW or a 2LW. I hope your right.
  12. [Proposal] Vanek to Edmonton

    Just take the 4th for him and call it a day
  13. You are right about the prospects not always turning out. I do worry about gadjovich. His foot speed is a little suspect among other things as well. I have never been fully sold on Bar, yesterday's game was pretty good for him but I find he is wildly inconsistent and if you have a chance to move him for a return that is greater than what you paid for him then I would do it. Eriksson will move from a NMC to a NTC, I thought he moves further to a M-NTC (15 teams) in 2019 but it's actually 2020. The man hasn't been given a fair shake that's for sure but I don't know if I see it working out long term. He looks slow on outr faster lines and he looks slow on our slower lines. Putting him with the Sedins now only seems like a 1 year option as they are looking like they will be leaning towards retirement at the end of this year. As for the rest. Maximize the value of Vanek, Bur, DD and even Granlund (he's versatility could be traded for a premium price). CBA will be a good fight again this time around. With that though i don't think there will be a lockout this time but that's just my opinion.
  14. 2020-2021 starting forwards Dahlen-Petterson-Boeser Goldobin-Horvat-Lind Gadjovich-Gaudette-Virtanen Gaunce-Sutter-Lockwood Could be looking good
  15. Toronto - Vancouver (Proposal)

    so if we do a comparison to Tanev it would be along the lines of Hamonic. He went and got traded, after rescinding a trade demand, for a 1st and 2 seconds. So by that logic its fair to assume that Toronto would laugh in our faces if we asked for TL and a first. Realistically it would be... Tanev for TL and maybe a 3rd. Personally, and hate me if you want, I am high enough on TL that i would be willing to do the trade 1 for 1.