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  1. I think this game is really fun. It's replaced league as my go-to online game. It could really use another primary healer support though. Lucio and Mercy are the only characters that are strong as primary supports. Zenyatta can work as a primary support, but he is only really strong as a secondary support. Symmetra is much more defense than support IMO. Oh and my mains for each role are 76, Torb/Mei, Reinhardt, Lucio. PC Master Race baby (cause that's what all my friends have it on).
  2. Can't wait for Overwatch to come back

    1. Tigs


      Same. Having trouble playing other games after putting so much time into it during the beta week. =(

  3. R.I.P. Dad and my education
  4. Country You Wish To Be Born In: Mexico Gender: MHobbies: Art, Music, Reading, Religious ActivitiesPersonality: RationalGreedy: YSpecial: Book-Worm
  5. I'm in for the next if there's room
  6. Hey if I get killed by the mafia this round I am 100% certain at least 2/3 of Virt, TL, and fwybwed are mafia. fwybwed i'm pretty much certain of.
  7. Might wanna switch to private bud
  8. that last minute turnaround was stealthy as hell
  9. Vote Time Lord To avoid the god-kill
  10. oh wait I didn't read the rest of your posts lol
  11. I'd buy it, even if it's the first thing that comes up on google when you search "HxH doctor"
  12. But... but I just wanted to explain that according to the theme of the game, the person named Morel should be the jailer since he has an ability which puts one of the most powerful ants in "jail" for most of the final battle. Hell it's even called "Jailhouse Rock". Less "the ol' 112" and more just using whatever word I felt like to explain the above sentence as quickly as possible since at the time I wanted to go to sleep asap.
  13. What your character name?
  14. TP got rekt this round thematically speaking Toews should be the jailer