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  1. I recently had a similar experience but in my case it was a movie inadvertently poking fun at a popular tv show. I was watching Tropic Thunder on Netflix, had just finished watching Ben Stiller’s Simple Jack scene when I decided to switch to cable to watch TSN and I happened to land smack dab in a middle of a trailer spot for The Good Doctor. It was a special moment I will forever cherish.
  2. If it’s anything like the vid below; this goober is on board. I await the release of your album. Oh, and Merry Christmas to you and all of my Mafia family.
  3. I would love to but my inactivity would not be fair to possible mafia/town teammates. I respectfully decline.
  4. FTR: TFA was bad but TLJ was an abomination. Aladeen’s post just scratches the surface of how bad they were IMO.
  5. I absolutely cannot, I have zero time. If I had a free hour every other day I would join but I don’t even have that.
  6. Thank you, this was helpful. I get off work at 530 and I dont get settled until now, same as every game I have played recently. As for everyone else; I am TP and I am absolutely on board with a TL lynch. Vote TL As a side-note, not sure how false-claiming became so mainstream but it seems to invite a scenario(s) that would be worth the risk for scum: the special has to publicly confirm their role, the mafia member can use TWTBW for cover or they can actually take over the role if not contested. I'm not sold on this strategy.
  7. Just saw that lol. I also noticed you called me Krymeister? (Or something like that). Not sure how I feel about that
  8. I can't see how, I'm sure many homeless people sleep in them
  9. I am going camping tomorrow night until Wednesday morning. If first nightfall is Tuesday, that means I only miss one nightfall. I'm good with that if everyone else is.
  10. Merritt/Kamloops area mostly, and yes I flyfish. Single barbless, catch and release. Pretty much a fishing snob. Where are heading to? I assume you flyfish as well?
  11. I am camping/fishing next Tues and Wed. If game doesnt start until Thursday or if I am pardoned of a GK for inactivity (although who am I kidding, I won't make it past the first round again) count me in. Starting to understand how Toews feels FR