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  1. Blame 211, she never stops posting.
  2. FTR, I agree, but it doesn't let you off the hook for what seems to be a scummy vote.
  3. Why did you vote for Stamkos without voicing the concerns you are voicing now?
  4. Yet you followed his lead without explanation.
  5. AV, would you rather vote for TL or 112? Zfetch, who would be your preference?
  6. Vote TL For the time being.
  7. I asked if any votes stood out, not for a player to just look at the summary. BJ's vote for Stamkos seemed legit to me because he offered an explanation. I didn't point yours out because being first in the door is not usually a mafia instinct although I would applaud you if you are and if that is the case. The others stood out to me for their lack of substance. Does anyone else have anything to add?
  8. How so? Looking at the reasoning a player uses to vote out a TP is pretty telling. It doesn't matter whether a player gets lynched or not, it's the why that matters to me.
  9. I would like other opinions on the bandwagon of Stamkos who we now know was TP. At least one mafia hid in that group. Whose vote stands out?
  10. Thank you. I agree about TL (obvs).
  11. Fair enough. Do you think one of the wagoners could be a mafia? If so, which votes ring false to you?
  12. Vote A TL Vote B Firm
  13. There would still be a mafia pm though. Unless Stamkos is known for not paying attention to that either then your explanation is valid. It has been a while since I played so that could be the case.
  14. The three votes for Stamkos that stand out to me are TL's, 112's and AV's. BJ at least offered reasons for leaning that way. I don't know if a mafia would sacrifice a teammate in this format so if Stamkos is lynched and comes back tp then I would look to these votes first.