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  1. Damn. Horrible news, RIP Powers Booth. I know you were looking forward to it GJ but I just couldn't get behind the revival. I can't remember any instance where such an endeavour panned out. I am glad that I get to remember Boothe through his character as is, perfect in his own way.
  2. I wish I could play but I am just way too busy. Keep it real for Krpten pls, I will be stalking watching.
  3. Sorry everybody, I bit off way more than I could chew. I apologize to my teammates ,the town and Jay Jay, I can't stand inactive players when I am in a game, I deserve a slap for doing it to y'all. I feel shame.
  4. Sorry BB, I was out of town and I did not expect the game to start so soon. Back in my day, *spits into spitoon*, the games would take a few days to start to allow as many players as possible to join. My bad. I will have to read the thread over tomorrow after work and actually contribute.
  5. The absence of a Deadwood mention is shocking. One of the best series ever (and keeps getting better with repeated viewings).
  6. I would find a personal trainer with a physio background to help you figure out what the problem is. For me, it was scar tissue from my hockey days. Took three weeks of working on it with my PT (basically beating the s*** out of my shoulder with a lacrosse ball and a few other deadly techniques). Hurt like hell at first but afterwards I had full movement and an impressive increase in strength. If you're finding that your fingers are numb, it could be an impingement in which case you should seek medical help. It also wouldn't hurt to check out some of Jeff Cavalier's videos on youtube. Guy knows his stuff, especially how to work out and protect certain areas of the body that might otherwise take a beating.
  7. I am camping this weekend and won't have a signal Maybe the next one.
  8. Fight me irl NVM, I can't actually get mad at the whale
  9. Aladeen was already under suspicion and would have made a claim anyways at some point so I respectfully disagree.
  10. Go back and look, it really didn't. From the outside (those in the DPS) it truly looked like a TP attempting to cause the ship to sink. I know she meant well though, sorry 112.
  11. DPS pls.
  12. 1st round MK. Total shocker.