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  1. Draft in a couple minutes folks, hope you can make it out.
  2. What day works better for you guys: Saturday the 26th or Sunday the 27th?
  3. Draft 26th as originally scheduled..
  4. What the frack happened here.. Has this ever happened before?
  5. I'm not sure what's going on here tbh
  6. vote BOH I don't actually know why I'm voting for him, and this a 100%, pure bandwagon vote.
  7. Invite sent sir.
  8. Absolutely! Just PM me with your email address.
  9. Really don't like the zftech or KH votes on the jazz... Not confident at all that either is mafia, but I need to vote so I'll vote Heffy
  10. You heard right.
  11. This seems like a ridiculous amount of voting and accusations after a page and a half of post-sign up game time.
  12. Always active bro.
  13. Also can't believe how easily we all bought the lackey claim...
  14. I agree. JL you son of a *****. Well played sir. Well played.