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  1. @Master Mind @PineappleExpress @Keslerific @King Heffy @Dral @TACIC @thejazz97 @kj29@Beary Sweet You guys all in again this year?
  2. God damn I've even been following this game, just forgot to vote . Oh well. GL TP.
  3. Can confirm that WW says Aladeen is TP.
  4. @One one two See here... I referenced you only in regards to Stamkos... Not once did I tie you to BJ.
  5. Never blamed you for BJ? Only said I would find Stamkos suspicious if you didn't vouch for him... Two completely different topics.
  6. I don't think it's that suspicious to assume AV was telling the truth (though admittedly, maybe that's because I've never played with him before). Seemed like a pretty routine "sheriff allegedly investigates player, we lynch said player" vote to me. Don't think we can read to much into who voted for BJ, or who didn't quite frankly. If I was a mafia, I certainly wouldn't want to be on the side of being one of the only players to not vote for him. So honestly, don't think much can be deciphered here. Anyways, unvote
  7. Vote BJ Obviously the safe bet... Under other circumstances I'd be suspicious of Stamkos but I tend to trust 112 on this one.
  8. Hmm.. Well I'm confident that happened. Those were the good ol days.
  9. No, but I don't doubt it happened... Have you changed your name since?
  10. Can I still join?
  11. Draft in a couple minutes folks, hope you can make it out.
  12. What day works better for you guys: Saturday the 26th or Sunday the 27th?
  13. Draft 26th as originally scheduled..
  14. What the frack happened here.. Has this ever happened before?
  15. I'm not sure what's going on here tbh