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  1. Yup, randomly determined prior to the draft
  2. Alright, draft set for Monday, 9 PM, barring opposition
  3. Alright everyone, all invites have been sent! I know Monday doesn't work for some. Would Thursday work better for all?
  4. Gonna be live, snake draft format.
  5. How does everyone feel about a Monday draft?
  6. My apologies good sirs but I am far too busy to play right now.
  7. I believe you guys are already in as a result of renew! Look forward to playing with you guys this year. The rest of you, I will PM!!
  8. Hi everyone! My yearly CDC Yahoo league is back this season. Looking for at least six more teams. Draft date and time TBD. One year league so non-keeper. Post if interested, and I'll PM about more details! 1. Beary Sweet 2. Master Mind 3. Art Vandelay 4. Burr14 5. Phil the Thrill 6. inane 7. Ryan's Rage 8. Zamboni Roadkill 9. Peaches 10. HerrDrFunk 11. SliteriousBlackbeard 12. Western Red 13. Type R 14. Zhukini
  9. Dang too bad this game's already started... Someone let me know when the next game starts, miss playing this!
  10. 15 minutes to draft time, hope to see most of you there!
  11. I think it's too late to change, unfortunately.
  12. I only have 10 teams confirmed on Yahoo right now. Peaches Dal Colle Art Vandelay Ryan's Page MasterMind Burr14 Shadowscyne Soft dumps in the co Zamboni Roadkill Phil the Thrill Anyone missing? If so, send me a PM so I can add you. 3 PST, hope to see you all there! And I'm very sorry to hear about your situation @Ryanstorm, hope you're doing alright
  13. How does 3 work? also I think we need three more teams to be full, so if you know of anyone down for a draft tomorrow, send them my way!
  14. 18th it is. Any time preference? If not I'll just assume evening.