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  1. CDC Yahoo Fantasy League - Season 3

    Draft in a couple minutes folks, hope you can make it out.
  2. CDC Yahoo Fantasy League - Season 3

    What day works better for you guys: Saturday the 26th or Sunday the 27th?
  3. CDC Yahoo Fantasy League - Season 3

    Draft 26th as originally scheduled..
  4. Mafia: WW3 [Game On!]

    What the frack happened here.. Has this ever happened before?
  5. Mafia: WW3 [Game On!]

    I'm not sure what's going on here tbh
  6. Mafia: WW3 [Game On!]

    vote BOH I don't actually know why I'm voting for him, and this a 100%, pure bandwagon vote.
  7. CDC Yahoo Fantasy League - Season 3

    Invite sent sir.
  8. CDC Yahoo Fantasy League - Season 3

    Absolutely! Just PM me with your email address.
  9. Mafia: WW3 [Game On!]

    Really don't like the zftech or KH votes on the jazz... Not confident at all that either is mafia, but I need to vote so I'll vote Heffy
  10. CDC Yahoo Fantasy League - Season 3

    You heard right.
  11. Mafia: WW3 [Game On!]

    This seems like a ridiculous amount of voting and accusations after a page and a half of post-sign up game time.
  12. Mafia: WW3 [Game On!]

    Always active bro.
  13. Mafia: The Anime

    Also can't believe how easily we all bought the lackey claim...
  14. Mafia: The Anime

    I agree. JL you son of a *****. Well played sir. Well played.