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  1. I was given a very nicely framed and matted, signed, Mason Raymond picture straight from The Canucks after the 2011 cup run. Now its in my garage and i look at it like
  2. As a player tho, their attributes.
  3. This guy IS David Booth. Good size, Good wheels...but just another plug.
  4. 3 weeks before the obligatory infection hits
  5. benning just told rintoul that while trade talks have picked up league-wide, he has NOT been talking with the bruins.
  6. i laughed out loud
  7. i dont know how much i care for this "lets try hatd and keep getting better do our best " nonsense...that reminds me of our captain saying after almost every playoff loss that "we played pretty good.." get someone in the room and light a fire..maybe it is only a short term solution..but this team does seem to have a short window to compete
  8. I think that MG deserves more credit that he has received for not doing too much with the team when he took over. Remember this was before the sedins had their crazy breakout years. Many GM's would have come into an organization and wanted to shake things up a little bit. He took a slow and steady approach, evaluated his players, improved the facilities and staff surrounding the team. I think that he has done a damn fine job so far, and i think he is targeting this year, and the next two, two really gol for it. If the canucks dont have a cup in the next two years folling this season......we wont....for another 40.
  9. What a sloppy, sloppy game.