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  1. Thats exactly what you're gonna find in a pair of senns. Quality, performance, and an odd shape that somehow works !
  2. So pretty much retail eh? i always thought that bose were overpriced but hey they sound amazing and if you got the extra cash then it's a great buy
  3. I would say the best use for the m50s is studio monitoring and/or home/office listening or mixing. They are pretty big and bulky but fit snugly on your head. A great option for working out would have to be the klipsch x7i. Portable, light, durable, and they have great sound. On sale at futureshop.ca for 100$: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/klipsch-klipsch-image-x7i-in-ear-headphones-black-imagex7ib/10218496.aspx?path=2fa5cb823051c1bc0289be5f378ec163en02
  4. I see where you're coming from here. When I ordered my ATH-M50s I thought that they would sound terrible out of the box but I couldn't help myself i just had to try those puppies out. The first listen they were quite average but after listening to them for a while the bass started getting deeper and thumpier (if that's even a word) and the lows balanced out. Don't tease yourself by waiting, just try them out! I say the best burn is when you listen to the genre of music you usually listen to at the normal volume you listen to it at. And also about the amp, I found that i didnt really need the extra power, music was loud enough on my pc and ipod so no biggie there. So once again, from a music fan to another don't stress yourself out with burning in, just enjoy the music!
  5. Don't buy because it says 100$ off, you could get them for >100 online. What you're looking at are some entry level senns which are great for the price! When you take em out of the box and start listening the sound may be a little unbalanced with ave low bass. Allow for 1 week+ of burn in and you will hear a warmer, more crisp sound. I'd also recommend an amplifier, a good brand thats reasonably priced is FiiO which will essentially give them more power.
  6. If anyone is looking for a quality pair of headphones get the Audio Technica ATH-M50s. They are the best headphones I have ever listened to, and only about 125$ on amazon. I tell you the crisp clear sound and thumping bass is extraordinary and have been reviewed to be better than beats pro (over 500$ headphones) The only bummer is that you probably have to get them shipped to the states. Long and Mcquade has the ATH-M30s last time i checked and they're just not the same. I assure you you won't be dissapointed!
  7. Agreed. Goalies do get fatigued and need a break. If we play them both through the stretch they will both be fresh and play a better game.
  8. When Gillis said i'm looking to add balance I thought it would be a gritty 3/4th line guy coming in but I could never have expected this