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  1. Brendan Leipsic throwing the body. holy!

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    2. TNucks1


      @Nuxfanabroad was the mouthguard, saw the replay on FB.
      edit: rewatched, i dunno

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Oh..good thing - that appeared catastrophic!

    4. TNucks1


      no it might of been spit, just watching it on the youtube sportsnet video.
      Edit: if you slow it down too 0.5 it was the mouth guard lol, fack had to do some detective work there. look at guddys jersey after he spits.

  2. Ya its pretty bad too that our 3rd line and 4th line guys are the ones getting us in Cap Trouble
  3. Exactly right. I find it funny people think green needs to fire up an nhl team. there professional athletes, if anything that's Bo job. All Green needs to do is prepare the boys for each game and have a plan for each team, which we know every coach does. I think people believe Green should be scoring goals out there lol. Sure he could do some tweaking when things are going our way, but the players are the ones who get paid to score goals.
  4. What Makes a coach look good in the nhl. good goaltending and your top guys lighting the lamp and decent defensive structure. Stop blaming Green for losses.
  5. Coach Cant Score Goals For The Team, he only can do so much . Players need to step up.
  6. I honestly doubt it, we cant score goals right now. We had a pretty easy start too the season schedule wise other than st.louis twice.
  7. You mean the away team. I thought the reffing was good today, we got away with a couple in the 3rd.
  8. It will be hard to make the playoffs with a PP, like that.
  9. Game prediction > Canucks 6 - Devils 0 Over/under on 5.5 goals total, both teams > Over Which player scores first, both teams > Pearson Stanley Cup Champion > Colorado