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  1. is hudler gonna get signed?

    1. ItsMillerTime


      Probably by Edmonton.

  2. To Toronto: Granlund Sbisa (50 Percent Retained) Cole Cassels 2nd 2017 Pick To Van: JVR Sedin Sedin Eriksson JVR Horvat Virtanen Baer Sutter Rodin Etem Gaunce Hansen/dorsett waive Burrows Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Trymakin Larsen/Biega Markstrom Miller
  3. JVR is more realistic To Toronto: Granlund Sbisa (50 Percent retained) Cole Cassels 2017 2nd Pick J. Subban To Van: JVR
  4. We already traded a top prospect Mccann ..I don't want to trade anther one. Landeskog will be to pricey To Toronto: Sbisa (50 Percent Retained) Granlund Cole Cassels 2017 2nd Pick To Van: JVR
  5. Benning is out of his mind..if he thinks were gonna make the playoffs in the next 3 years.
  6. Its obvious we are picking in the top 5 next year.
  7. Canucks like it and Carolina likes it...but Pens hate it.
  8. I dont like the carolina trade. Edmonton wont trade yakupov. (Unless they get a good player back). And Boston wouldnt trade a 14th overall for that.
  9. Pierre Luc Dubois can play both wing and center.

    1. chon derry

      chon derry

      aquilini will like hearing this,  a stick in each hand.....

    2. S N Y P E R S 7

      S N Y P E R S 7

      He's better on the wing. 
      This is like saying Brock Boeser can play center and wing just because he wins faceoffs - there's an art to the role of center. You have to think the game from that spot for a long period of time before you can call yourself a bonafide centerman. 
      I think Dubois would have to play a few seasons at C before being able to step into any kind of professional center role. He's always been more of a winger.

  10. To Edm: MTL 9th overall 2016 MTL-2nd round pick 2016 MTL-3rd round Pick 2016 To MTL: EDM 4th Overall 2016 Yakupov
  11. I think they need him too much
  12. I get hometown discount ...if he does resign ..he will resign with his last discount at 4.5 million
  13. If Edmonton picks Tkachuk ..what would the value be of Eberle and RNH for d-man

    1. Stamkos


      RNH for hamonic scares the HECK out of me

  14. Hammer is gonna get at least 5mill you have to remember ufa get overpayed Eriksson will be more then 5 mill for sure.
  15. Draft Matthew Tkachuk Sign Hammer I really dont see Benning getting any top UFA's Maybe with year left for burrows we can trade him and higgins Play the young guns And were gonna be in the draft lottery for next couple years. Realistic! 2017 Nolan Patrick-C 2017 Timothy Liljegren-D 2018-Joseph Velno-C Sedin Sedin Hansen Baer Horvat Sutter Tkachuk Mccann Virtanen Gaunce Granlund Dorsett Tanev Hutton Elder Sbisa Hammer Trymakin Markstrom Miller