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  1. So without Markstrom. We are Detroit. If he walks. Canucks are screwed
  2. Sick of petey holding on the puck at the times he can onetimer it.
  3. Its the canucks. so imagine no. What do you expect when you sign 4th line players to 3million plus.
  4. Petey is not strong enough 176 pounds. needs to be at least 190 195. Also stop looking at the freaking tablet and shoot the puck.
  5. He loves looking at that stupid tablet. Like Crosby said its a good tool but can be dangerous.
  6. Petey was terrible. instead of playing 60 we played 10 good minutes .
  7. If my wish came true this summer Benning would be able to git rid of Sutter,Baer,Beagle,Eriksson,Benn and Ferland. I like Roussell over Ferland and think Toffoli will do great with Bo and Tanner. Enough giving FA Term and Dollars to grinders.Other teams seem to be able to sign them to lower cap deals.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Harry Houdini couldn’t make Eriksson disappear.:P

  8. If Toffoli plays decent like pearson did coming here. Try to resign him to a decent deal and try somehow getiing rid of Beagle,Baer,Eriksson,Sutter,Ferland. And next time sign some guys to 1-2 year deals and lower cap.
  9. one of those games. Hoglander and Polkolzin cant come fast enough. Horvat needs some help. he always has to lay with 4th line players.
  10. No more UFA any more. We love overpaying 4th line players.
  11. just one of those games for sure. But Horvat needs some offensive help, hoglander and polkolzin cant come fast enough for him. we have so many overpaid 4th line grinders.
  12. Teams with skilled players that know how to win, go to the dirty areas. Canucks aren't full of top players, We have Petey, Boeser and Horvat. Horvat wont have help until hoglander and poldkolzin are in the lineup.