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  1. [Heritage Classic] Ottawa @ Vancouver | 03/02/14 |

    I don't think the fans are out and out booing Lack, but more like chanting Lou. Lou should have started this game and everybody knows it. I feel sorry for both goaltenders.
  2. Lucic says he'll never go to DT Vancouver

    I don't get how people are saying that it was the other guy saying..."do you know who I am" and "I'm gonna kill you". When it's clearly the same voice saying "he hit me twice" "he hit me twice" "no he hit me three times". Where do they figure it was the other guy??
  3. Lucic says he'll never go to DT Vancouver

    Nothing good happens at 4 am on the streets of any big city. Milan, a word of advice... You are a Boston Bruin... You are in Vancouver after an emotional game... You chose to go to a place where alcohol an who knows what else is rampid... What did you expect?? Do you think you weren't going to run into some hostility? Anyway my point is.. If you stick your hand in fire, you will get burnt. Sorry, no sympathy here, after all I didn't even see any attack. Just 2 drunks guys yelling at each other.
  4. Lucic says he'll never go to DT Vancouver

    I'm sorry but during the SCF in Boston, Canuck fans were pissed on, stuff thrown at them, some feared for their lives, there is even video evidence of going to the bathrooms and being basically kicked out, called every name under the sun. Every hockey crazed city has their idiots and they should never define the city as a whole. Lucic is apparently a smart guy and should know that as a Bruin in Vancouver, maybe he should keep a low profile. As for the video, we do not have any idea the true story behind it, There is no footage of any fight, and they both appeared to be who knows. If he chooses to to disown his hometown on the acts of a few then I guess that's his loss. To me he's being a bit over dramatic.