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  1. The Sedins are absolutely unreal

    1. Kazmanian Devil
    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Cant wait for reg season to see them bust another 75-80 point season :bigblush:    

    3. TheOgRook


      Too bad Eric K. Wasn't better at playing the defensive side of the puck

  2. pm me ur snapchat ;)

  3. yes, lets bring up his passion as if i doubt that to make your point seem more valid. hes clearly passionate about the game, his will and his energy made him who he was. i question passion for the game in a guy like vrbata, who clearly didn't even give any effort. on the flip side, there's no question that burrows played his ass off and is a great leader within the locker room. but he's physically lost a step. it's incredibly rare to just gain that back. don't ramble about something I'm not saying. it doesn't justify anything against me if I'm not saying it.
  4. he doesnt have the legs, hes clearly been a step below his old form since the 12/13 season. the chances of him randomly going back to that form that he had before are slim to none
  5. no, no it doesn't
  6. Haha this management group... all clowns. Pretty much exactly what sbisa is making for his next two years. Management did the damage control bull$&!# of trying to say they want to re-sign him, when in actuality they had no intention of re-signing him and just screwed up the whole TDL. Clearly Dallas didn't want Russell, which makes sense because Hamhuis is the clear superior. Indefensible.
  7. Thank God. These idiots running the team were about to give this guy an absurd contract.
  8. leafs were fined for it in 2008. why shouldn't we be fined?
  9. benning changes his mind every couple of months. i remember when he talked about teams in cap trouble and how he could take advantage of that, but didn't get teravainen/bickell and is now saying he wouldn't take on a contract like datsyuk's because they want to be competitive lol.

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    2. stexx


      i dont think any team will eat datysuks whole ticket @ 7.5 but they could retain 40% making it a 4.5 caphit and trade it for a 2nd round pick i would definitely eat that if i was JB.

    3. Intoewsables


      Jim Benning, 2014: "We believe the core group of veterans here can be part of a quick turnaround."


      Jim Benning, 2016: "We knew this would be a long, hard process from day 1. There are no shortcuts. Previous regime left us with bad vets with bad contracts."





    4. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      sounds like he belongs on CDC in Fantasy Hockey lol

  10. ah so he was a self hating homosexual now this is interesting
  11. but can Bonino do it against the big teams of the west??? 



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    2. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      He gets 0.5 points per game, third line production - CDC

    3. Jam126


      ^^^ That's just disgusting.

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      In the end, would be good to see Bones win

      For such a clutch guy, we'd been Jonesin'

      He ripped it by Jones

      Delight of Shark-groans

      Felt a bit like success of our own kin...

  12. picking fifth is fine. they'll take one of tkachuk or dubois and get a good player, both with equal risk associated with them imo. as long as they don't reach for a defenseman, i'm happy - and benning has said he's taking the forward so good on scouting staff.
  13. it's ok as long as you don't say burrows slashed kessel &^@# marchand big nose rat!!
  14. that three game winning streak in the end rekt us


    no easy way out for this management group now. have to stop bleeding assets, follow in the steps of what the leafs have done the past two seasons to gather assets

    1. Coconuts


      Mhmm, it sunk us for sure.


      We'll likely be getting a full rebuild regardless of what management wants. We don't have guys ready to step up and take over for the twins, not even close. And we aren't likely to get that through UFA.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Wednesday, Benning killing it. Draft Lottery the world is over. 

  15. it's true i met my girlfriend on an app