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  1. I like Ferland. Concussions are a worry, but the contract is worth the gamble. Good price. Stats are inflated by teammates but he definitely has a fit on either of the top three lines. Problem is that everyone acted like all the bad contracts this management had given out before are not an issue. They already are now. And, one of the biggest issues that people had with Gillis was the fact he gave away NTC's. In context, it was to get players signed at less than market value to win a cup. I don't see what the excuse is with Benning giving it to worse players on market value or premium contracts on a bad team. We have got to find a way to get out of Sutter, Beagle, and Eriksson before Pete's extension summer.
  2. In regards to the recent ones, Kassian was never a powerforward. Everyone tried to pigeonhole him into that role. He's the guy I think we &^@#ed up developing moreso than some of the other busts. He was an underrated playmaker; his vision was actually quite good. Virtanen is just bad. He never had the IQ to begin with and then his injuries &^@#ed up his shoulder.
  3. Bad signing. Smart move by the canucks to leak the 7/8m x 7 rumors to media so that the masses would be happy with the 6x5. A capable 2nd pairing guy, an elite 3rd pairing guy. Reality is that Myers is tied for being the 22nd highest paid defenseman in the league. He can be productive if sheltered, but struggles against good competition. Contract is structured very similarly to L.E.'s...
  4. All contracts have to be approved by the league. They approved it and then gave a retroactive penalty. Absolute horse$&!#. Hopefully this stops us from signing Tyler Myers
  5. Wow. Big win for the Canucks and Benning here.
  6. Your first point sounds exactly like what the canucks did yet you say it isn't comparable. Then you cited the fact Gordon didn't win a cup and brought up a bunch of Canucks who didn't win a cup. Felt like our dialogue had been going pretty well but you really lost me there. A little grasping for straws-y. Agree to disagree on the blocking. Nothing for me to really dispute with your points. I just see it differently. I see a brick wall, you see styrofoam. I would see styrofoam if we had two veterans making the minimum. Also agree to disagree on the last front. You see it as use it rather than do nothing. I see it as use it if we use it on something easy to liquidate.
  7. To your first point, I'm glad you brought that up. The idea that the "Oilers never did this" is a myth. They literally did the exact same thing. They signed Boyd Gordon to a 3 year, 9 million dollar year and the comments from Mctavish and Eakins mirror that of Benning and Green. I think that when you have two centers making as much money as Sutter and Beagle do on very hard to move deals, yes, that is blocking.
  8. Salo also had negative comments about Juolevi around that same time about his defensive game. I can link you if you'd like. Numbers are numbers. I don't want a guy who will put up 30 points and get absolutely destroyed at ES.
  9. My bad, you're right. Beagle got a limited NTC that composes of 15 teams. Essentially a full NTC because if players don't want out, they pick teams that can't/won't acquire them.
  10. Thanks for the response. In regards to #1, Doug Wilson is in the upper echelon of general managers in the league. He made a great "go for it all" move. Credit to him. I agree, we are not in a place to be doing that. I didn't think Del Zotto was going to be as bad as he was. Gudbranson was always a bad player who kept riding his good canadian kid status, size, and draft position. Yes, I do agree that not all players fit. But, it seems as if we have to use that excuse more often than we should. To your last point, I agree. See my post about opportunity cost.
  11. First off, I agree with your points in the post you replied to before this post. I don't want Edler on a bad contract either. I made my points clearly I think. In regards to this post, I view every move with an economics question. What's the opportunity cost of doing X? As an example, some people view signing a college FA as a "free" move. I don't. I ask whether it's worth a contract spot, or if we are better to save it. By signing a guy like Beagle, sure he's a "free" asset to acquire. But, he cost a lot relative to his role. He's an unmovable contract for his tenure. Having two centers who can't complete a pass and bring down their linemates due to their lack of playmaking in your bottom six with Sutter and Beagle is redundant. He blocks the way for Gaudette. So yes, money isn't an issue at this second. Doesn't mean there aren't better ways we could be using it.
  12. We can keep going on about Juolevi's potential, but at the moment, he has absolutely no compete level and sense below the faceoff dot. He gets lost, loses focus, and is outmatched physically. If he can figure that out, he will be a stud. Right now, he looks incredibly far off.