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  1. Again, here's where I'm going to make my point. Getting rid of Sutter, Beagle, Eriksson, Schaller, and Spooner's contracts is near impossible without giving up something or taking something bad back in return. Would you not agree these contracts are in the realm of what these guys are worth, give or take a combined $2m either way? Boeser $9M long term, Leivo $2.5M short term, Motte $1.25M, Schenn $1.25M, Hutton $4.5M, Demko $1.5M That alone is $19.5M. Yes, obviously we are not coming back with the exact same guys. But again, for us to really be players for both Panarin/Karlsson, you'd have to clear out all the trash that is those five players I mentioned. We really only have less than $10m in capspace. I'm with you guys, I hope Eriksson retires. I hope they dump Schaller and Spooner. I hope they can move one of Beagle and Sutter. But it's not happening.
  2. That team is close to the salary cap without taking into consideration you somehow dumped Schaller and Spooner. Canucks don't have as much money as they think they do. They've got space for about one big name, or two decent sized fish. The near 20m of dead cap for Beagle, Schaller, Sutter, Eriksson, and Spooner hampers us. Those guys could all be replaced by guys making sub 2m. And before one of you says they bring veteran leadership worth the money, we literally saw a waiver wire minor leaguer in Schenn come in and replace big money leader Gudbranson. So this fallacy needs to stop.
  3. The "it's not your money" argument is probably the rebuttle that requires the least intellect. Jesus Christ. Please people, learn the basics of opportunity cost and apply it to transactions and other moves made. Not to mention, being able to look past 30 year old leadership intangibles and looking instead at quantifiable data should lead everyone to the conclusion that Dowd at his contract is a better asset than Beagle.
  4. Need to read it again, then. The teams he described were the first iterations of the cup winning teams.
  5. Myers and Gardiner will be crippling halfway through and already too expensive to justify. Nope.
  6. I've only watched three prospects this year. Those two and Byram. I think Kakko is a better player. I don't care for hype or other peoples reports.
  7. This is still ridiculous IMO. A retroactive penalty for a contract that was legal at the time. It does not make a lick of sense. The NHL should rescind this. It's stupid.
  8. KK is the better player but the optics of taking him ahead of JH while having QH on the team is not very good.
  9. Schenn plays the Gudbranson role so much better than Gudbranson did. Please sign him to a cheap 1 way and keep him as depth or AHL callup.
  10. Okay, I don't necessarily disagree with anything you've said here. I'm saying that I don't like when people throw out lines like "he's a 20 minute guy" as if that means anything when evaluating players. There's a lot that goes into evaluating a player, and having the amount of minutes someone plays in a role is the worst possible first qualifier for evaluating.
  11. Just because you play a certain role doesn't mean you're inherently good at it.
  12. In the context in which it's used, it means trash relative to the other professionals in his league. No one thinks Virtanen is trash relative to the other billions of non hockey players lol.
  13. So wait, we only played a third of our games against teams in the top third of the league?!?!?!?! Oh wait, that makes perfect sense and averages out properly. And yes Biega and Schenn are upgrades on Gudbranson even though they themselves are nothing more than #6-9 D.
  14. We're the worst team in the league combined over the past four seasons. I don't think us going on a losing streak is going to be a big difference in the broad spectrum