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  1. It's on SN650. Likely going to be typical Linden lawyer speak. If he was on 1040 I'd wager he would be open book about things.
  2. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    Pastrnak was a tough one to predict this much success from. McCann was a good pick. They just made the stupid decision to trade him and a pick for an 8th defenseman and then shelter him while paying him as a top four defenseman. The criticism of missing on Pastrnak is undeserved. He's had two late firsts in his tenure and has hit on them. McCann and Boeser were good picks.
  3. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    Great response, dude. Really great stuff.
  4. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    If anything, he has gained humility and lost the smugness that he had during his tenure. He admitted all the faults he made and realized then. Did you even listen to the interview?
  5. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    He admitted he made a huge mistake in not revamping the scouting staff earlier.
  6. Mike Gillis TSN 1040 Interview

    We have been the worst team statistically, while also being boring & unwatchable over the past three seasons. It's objective. He likes Pettersson, though. Then again, who wouldn't lol. That guy is a franchise player. Gillis deserved to be fired after 2014. Those last two seasons were not managed well, regardless of ownership interference. But I would take him back in a second.
  7. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    And Benning doesn't have any common sense if he thinks coming back with the same defense and goaltending after last season is acceptable. But oh well.
  8. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    Nice try re Schaller. Terrible preseason and healthy scratch the first two games.
  9. [Waivers] Oct. 2nd gongshow

    Hutton is the second best LHD on this team. MDZ and Pouliot are waiver wire fodder.
  10. Benning's drafting has been adequate enough. It's pro scouting and player development that everyone overlooks. Seems as though people are done arguing with me. If anyone wants to have this conversation in person, Ill be at game one two. I'll even buy you a beer.
  11. Winnipeg was incredibly patient and hit on all their high draft picks. Kudos to them. That's a good example of a long rebuild gone right with positive moves outweighing the bad ones. But don't forget, this is year 5 of the benning regime. And we all know that Benning said by year four or five we would be competing with the best of the NHL, but we look like we are another 4 years away from that.. and that's assuming we don't sign more bad contracts.
  12. Oh really? They had four boat anchor contracts that were far worse than the Higgins contract that this regime had to deal with. Clarkson, Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul. They finished one point better than us in the standings. We also had Horvat, Tanev (who is a far far better player than Gardiner) and Horvat who is now as good as Kadri. Sure, the difference is Reilly. Reilly is not the only difference between where we are now and where they are.
  13. Toronto started in the exact same position when Shanahan, Lou, and Dubas took over. Why are they were they are and we are where we are? 1. They didn't miss on high draft picks. 2. They made correct moves in free agency. 3. They successfully traded their players for assets at the deadline. 4. No major gaffes in pro scouting.