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  1. Haha &^@# me your homer posts never end oldnews Drancer was great
  2. The only players for that position who we have been rumored with are Alexis and James. Musonda is returning from loan so that's a depth option.. Chelsea really shooting for the moon here. As for other rumors.. Linked with Sidibe and Bernardeschi for potential wing backs. Nainggolan, Verratti, Bakayoko, and Vidal are our rumored CM targets. CB targets are Rudiger, Van Dijk, Keane, not sure who else off of the top of my head.
  3. Rumor is now that james wants chelsea but chelsea is unsure if they want james
  4. 6 points up and 60 million pounds richer good 24 hours for chelsea
  5. Leicester about to go undefeated the rest of the way.
  6. Damn this thread is dead. But I'm bumping in hopes of finding out if there's anyone here who's part of Vancouver Car Club or just any automotive enthusiasts in general. Two years later and I'm sitting with an f150 daily, and then a slammed as $&!# corolla Let me know!
  7. nope, stecher clearly outplayed four defensemen for the final spot, but you don't want to accept this because it will go against your drivel about earning spots
  8. Still should be. There's no shame wearing that shirt, he's a legend of the recent era canucks. But I've noticed his down swing for the past four seasons.
  9. I'm a fan of players making the minimum fighting for jobs. You see great effort. Big fan of the decisions to bring in Ruutu and Skille. I'd like to see them both signed, with Dorsett traded for cap purposes. Burrows can fill the mentor role with Hansen on the bottom six. I mean, as much as I'd love to dump Sbisa.. playing Tryamkin with Gudbranson would be terrible. I would like to see a stable defenseman added through waivers if one pops up.. not stable in the stay at home, big body Gudbranson mold, but more so a good positional left side guy with a good first pass... oh I don't know.. like Hamhuis? Sbisa with Gudbranson is not a good idea, and neither is Tryamkin or Pedan. Larsen is a right side guy so I don't know what they plan on doing. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Rodin Granlund/Gaunce - Sutter - Hansen Burrows - Gaunce/Granlund - Ruutu Skille Edler - Stecher Hutton - Tanev Sbisa - Gudbranson Tryamkin - Larsen
  10. The Sedins are absolutely unreal

    1. Kazmanian Devil
    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Cant wait for reg season to see them bust another 75-80 point season :bigblush:    

    3. TheOgRook


      Too bad Eric K. Wasn't better at playing the defensive side of the puck

  11. yes, lets bring up his passion as if i doubt that to make your point seem more valid. hes clearly passionate about the game, his will and his energy made him who he was. i question passion for the game in a guy like vrbata, who clearly didn't even give any effort. on the flip side, there's no question that burrows played his ass off and is a great leader within the locker room. but he's physically lost a step. it's incredibly rare to just gain that back. don't ramble about something I'm not saying. it doesn't justify anything against me if I'm not saying it.
  12. he doesnt have the legs, hes clearly been a step below his old form since the 12/13 season. the chances of him randomly going back to that form that he had before are slim to none
  13. no, no it doesn't
  14. Haha this management group... all clowns. Pretty much exactly what sbisa is making for his next two years. Management did the damage control bull$&!# of trying to say they want to re-sign him, when in actuality they had no intention of re-signing him and just screwed up the whole TDL. Clearly Dallas didn't want Russell, which makes sense because Hamhuis is the clear superior. Indefensible.