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  1. BC Lions

    As much as the older folks think Manziel is stupid, BC place would see a bring an easy 30k with Manziel. I'm 20 and so are my buddies. 100% I'd be there to watch him play
  2. [Report] Canucks in on Tim Schaller

    This would be a good signing. Please do not sign Beagle or Roussel to 3 plus year contracts.
  3. Pouliot &^@#ing sucks. 

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    2. VanGnome


      The kid has the confidence to think that he can make an impact right away, I think you trust the player, if they're unsure of themselves then yes send them back.

      I think with the Sedins finally retired, the club is FINALLY going to allow every opportunity for the young guys to push for jobs. If he's not ready for NHL action, he can go to Utica and play in the AHL if absolutely necessary.

      AHL is a way better developmental league than NCAA simply because they play significantly more games. Turning pro allows Hughes to get more time in the gym with the strength and conditioning coaches AND play high impact minutes.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      NCAA has pretty good strength and conditioning coaches, and less games actually means more gym time.  A grueling schedule against grown men hungry to get a call-up to the NHL isn't going to help him bulk up.

    4. SabreFan1


      JB just re-signed him for another season.  Still think he sucks?  If so, I guess you aren't a fan of JB's judgment.  ;)

  4. What a bad deal for Calgary. Hamilton is a #1D. You're really betting on Hanifin, who really doesn't look like more than a second pairing defenseman.
  5. [Report] Maple Leafs name Kyle Dubas General Manager

    I agree, &^@# every team that isn't ours. I hope the leafs fail, but objectively since Dubas has come into their organization they've gone up while we've gone down I can't take oldnews seriously when his posts are all biased and show no objectivity
  6. [Report] Maple Leafs name Kyle Dubas General Manager

    @oldnews funny how you rag on dubas for his press conference but fail to realize we have the worst public speaking GM in the league
  7. two fantastic players, but more importantly, two of the best people to grace this city such a sad day. will be awesome cheering them on one last time on thursday
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

  9. Parallels to the Leipsic trade in Canucks history?

    this post is so cringe
  10. I don't think you meant to respond to my post as I nowhere discussed Tanev.
  11. I don't disagree that he's improved the prospect pool. The Oilers also continued to build a better prospect pool year after year and we used to laugh at them because they had no idea of how to build a roster. Not to mention they made terrible trades. They're still in the same place because they dont know how to build a roster and have been net negatives in their trades. We have a fantastic group of young guys. Pettersson is great. But we should have a ton more prospects than we currently have. Youre right, we do have a problem with top end talent. The drafting mistakes of Virtanen and Juolevi cost us two elite talents. The failures of adding late 1sts, 2nds, 3rds.. going for these reclamation projects while we have had the worst pro scouting in the league under Benning has been terrible for us. Our amateur scouting OTOH, lead by Judd Brackett has been phenomenal. (again, outside of Virtanen but that's known to be that Benning and management ignored the amateur scouts who wanted Nylander in favor of the hometown kid).
  12. man all you post is nonsense like "woo all the canucks hating whiners LOL!!! NHL hates the canucks the media sucks!!! ALL of Benning's moves are great! He's never made a single mistake its just the haterzzz who want to see the team failz! The fact of the matter is the return for Vanek was a failure. We have traded 13 picks and acquired 7 in 4 years as a supposed rebuilding team. This management has had one successful attempt at pro scouting U25 players and that was Baertschi. Everyone else is trash.
  13. If you ever want to actually discuss hockey rather than hurl jabs and shilling, I'll buy you a beer before a canucks game. Genuinely curious if you'd keep up this act in person. Shoot me a DM if you want to.
  14. you've never seen Tyler Motte play shill harder