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  1. Benning in year 1: Canucks will be competitive by year 4 or 5. 


    Benning in year 4: this is the best team we've had.


    Canucks in year 4: On their way to their third straight bottom five finish.


    And he gets an extension? The &^@#k?

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    2. -AJ-


      @Type R There are standard injuries and then there are brutal injuries to your best players. Even Tampa Bay looks average when Stamkos is injured.

    3. Type R

      Type R

      Crosby goes down, Malkin, Kessel and Co picks up some slack.  Stamkos goes down, Kucherov and like 5 others pick up the scoring.  The Canucks are a one line team, and it was woefully apparent without Hovat in the lineup.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of this team, but I'm not going to kid myself over this.  Depth is sorely needed, and its coming soon up front.  Horvat, Pettersen, Gaudette, Granlund, Gaunce, Gagner, and Sutter will all be able to play C and possibly all be available next year. The wing is starting to be bolstered, with Boeser, Baer, and a few coming from Junior (Dahlen etc)  But look at our D, outside of Tanev, are any of these guys prepared to compete next year?  Its an arguably soft d-core, even Gudbranson is looking soft compared to Archibald.


      The team is about to get very young if Hank and Dank hang them up, and without some big moves (especially with the D), we may flounder a couple years.  With the right trades, and terrific drafting, 2 years is possible, but the team as it stands today would be lucky to get through the first round.

    4. ItsMillerTime


      I think any true Canucks fan would appreciate what Jim Benning has done with the prospect pool. You can tell some are stuck in the past. 

  2. Are you going to Antigua or Guatemala City?
  3. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    Domi and Leivo are both two top nine wingers who could be acquired on the low. These are no brainer moves if we can pull them off.
  4. [Rumour] Josh Leivo has asked for a trade

    this is so wrong. I really think Leivo would be a great fit here. He's a better player than Goldobin and Boucher and some of the wingers who are at the NHL level for us now. He has great possession metrics and in a simpler form, everytime the leafs gave him good ice time, he performed like a top six forward. He's a good player to acquire for cheap. Not like Pouliot the ECHL defenseman.
  5. Burrows is going to play into his 40's and never slow down.. Jagr style!

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @debluvscanucks hey I thought we weren't supposed to have two accounts! 

    2. RRypien37


      Sarcasm? He slowed down years ago. Also ^no one likes a teller...

  6. Del Zaster is better than Hutton?



  7. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I'm going to ignore the first part because it's a dead horse unless you want me to respond. Second part seems like you're in agreement to a certain extent and there's nothing I really disagree with. The third paragraph is the flawed part. In no way have I ever posted anywhere that signing more vets and trading prospects for vets is the way to go. That's completely opposite of what I believe in. I like the five year retool on the fly plan. It just failed in execution. You can like a plan but disagree with the way it's been handled. A few more years is crazy. We should have been starting to make a wild card 2nd round type push in year four of his tenure.. then be serious contenders starting year five if he made the correct moves and didn't suck with his asset management.
  8. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I'm mistaken then. I could have sworn there were other contradicting reports. I'll do some digging later but if I don't respond then that means I was wrong.
  9. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I fully buy into Aquilini being a meddling owner at the end of the Gillis tenure. (And no, this is not a defense of Gillis. I continue to reiterate just in case, Gillis deserved to be fired). I actually like Tomlinson. I generally disagree with what most of his opinions are but he seems like a guy who isn't influenced by anything other than what he sees and hears. I don't think there is a single media member who denies that the Aquilinis have meddled. Maybe the paid shills like Ian Macintyre or the new Hirsch guy with the cringe model rebuild article would defend them. The boss needs to keep out of day to day hockey decisions, you're right. Benning doesn't seem like the type of person to posture or be political with the media. In fact it seems like everything in his tenure has been anything but that. There's countless examples of him being super open and obvious with the media. I remember how he hinted hard at Virtanen prior to the draft, blatantly admitting to inquiring about Subban etc. Based on that, I don't think it's fair to compare Benning with other GM's in terms of how much they share or posture. He handles things in a very open matter it seems. I genuinely do believe that the mandate is a timeline they believed in, the owners wanted and believed in, but they just failed to execute.
  10. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Here's what I had said in the previous post and I realize I didn't say it clearly. What I'm suggesting is that Benning pitched exactly what the owners already had considered the best case scenario. When I say sold them this idea, I'm inferring that they wanted to go this route and Benning had his mind on the same path. So Benning was essentially selling them on something they already were sold on in their heads. The reports that Benning was the only GM they interviewed and they ever bothered interviewing anyone else seem to corroborate this.
  11. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I don't expect any good attendance records when the team sucks. Aquilini found a GM who sold him on an idea of a team who would compete for the playoffs every year that retooled on the fly and would be competitive by year four or five in an attempt to avoid empty seats and falling revenue of a bottom feeder. It was possible if properly executed with good asset management. Benning has failed in executing during his own stated timeline. We needed youth and change. Benning has brought some youth and traded away a ton and passed up some key players and just overall had made countless bad moves that if he hadn't made, we would have been able to be competitive by now or next year.
  12. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Dorsett and Sbisa are interesting cases. Obviously Dorsett wouldn't have continued his hot streak, but man oh man did he have an extra step. He looked like he would hit 25 points this year, and was playing against top competition on a shut down line. That surgery must have fixed something. I think he alluded to how it's the best he's ever felt before the season and it clearly showed. Still a bad contract at the time it was signed. Sbisa only was good at one thing in his tenure and that was being an effective crease clearer. Oh and he occasionally threw a big hit. He was really good on the PK. He couldn't do anything else at more than a depth defenseman level. His possession metrics are similar this year, but he has a lot more defensive responsibility and is doing well. Plagued with injuries this season but now looks like he could be a top four defenseman. Maybe he finally took the next step after flat lining his development since his rookie year. Really strange development curve - like 8 years of no improvement and he finally figures it out. He is better than MDZ, Pouliot, Gudbranson, and even Stecher. Although I do believe Gudbranson and Stecher could be better in different systems. Either way, bad contracts at the time. The bolded part is 100% correct. Benning pitched exactly what they had their minds set on and they went after it before giving multiple interviews. In reality, a retool is the best model for business. It makes sense why the Aquilinis went that route. It was just executed badly by Benning. Don't get me wrong, the best move for the franchise from a purely sporting perspective should have been a full rebuild after the torts year. It's hard to watch a bad team that plays boring hockey that is stuck in a weird place of not knowing what they're doing and a management group that sends mixed signals to the fan base. I don't think we need to speed things up. I think we need to make the right moves. So many bad trades to fill the "25 and under age gap". Vey, Pedan, Gudbranson, Sutter, Clendening, Pouliot, hell even Goldobin instead of a pick. Only Granlund was a slight win, and was Baertschi a big win. (underrated player imo). Oh, and necessitating NHL players who can make a now impact in Bonino (who was a really good player and I don't know why the &^@# they traded Him, just not what we needed) and Sbisa instead of getting more futures. Pettersson is really &^@#ing good. Demko is really &^@#ing good. Boeser is really &^@#ing good. I thought things had changed for the better at the TDL and they were finally rebuilding when they moved Hansen and Burrows. Then Benning ruined it and said they wanted to keep Hansen and only traded him due to expansion draft, not because they wanted a rebuild. This was then backed up by the fact they made 3 more additions in free agency, with only one seen as a possible player they move at the deadline in Vanek. The other two have term.
  13. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Fair response. 1. Ohh I gotcha. 2. What I'm getting at is that a head office needs a balance. Between people who have been in the game and have played in the trenches and have an old school mindset, and then with new age analytical thinking. I think anyone who thinks analytics is stupid, is in fact stupid. But I also think people who purely think you can win a cup with analytics being the strict focus in analyzing players, are also stupid. Dialogue is necessary. The first time Benning REALLY got on my bad side was the day he signed Sbisa and Dorsett to bad contracts and then proceeded to fire Gilman for having a differing opinion. A front office needs disagreement. If you surround yourself with yes men, you will always see every move you make in a positive way. For example, you and I respectfully disagree about the way things are handled but the only way we can come to an understanding of each other is by talking. The astounding ignorance of some people to believe that they're always right (this is on both sides of the fire/keep Benning debate) will always baffle me. 3. I don't disagree with anything youve said. My opinion is based on the financial reports that are published online and what is discussed in the media. I'm sure that we are worth more than the numbers I've seen us NOW put at, but I do think they've underrated a wide spread of teams across the league. 4. Hard to predict the team's value would drop drastically. If he knew, he would have done it.
  14. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I'm honestly not sure what you're referring to. But I remember Ferraro did a radio hit and he was a fan of Travis. Also, the competency and respect for media plays a big part in who I select as a leader of a franchise. Gillis knew how to speak, but was an arrogant snob. Benning has no speaking abilities, and really does fit the "Dim Jim" thing. Ferraro is a media member, he speaks clearly and is able to get his points across, and will be perfect at that. Also, I read somewhere that he was in the top 100 for NHL points when he retired. He was no slob of a player. I think another thing people overlook is that the franchise value for the canucks has gone down like 200m under Benning while it rose significantly under Gillis. That to me, is likely the real reason why Benning has not been re-signed. I just think Ferraro ticks all the boxes of what an NHL GM should be and is a perfect balance. The dinosaur mindset the NHL has regarding the old boys club and that only former NHLers belong in managerial spots is so cringey. They're running billion dollar businesses.