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  1. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    when arsenal didn't go out and get the striker they needed, it was clear how this season would go down. and dm as well. injured coquelin, arsenal are &^@#ed against city and olympiacos. it's pretty much city's league to lose, and they're struggling to pull away from the pack.  for real though, city need to find a yaya replacement soon.  
  2. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    51 49 game imo  Slight edge to chelsea for higher quality chances
  3. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    As simple as it sounds.. all the spurs do is just make runs in behind. All of them outside of the centerback will shoot the gaps for the through ball. And the players are looking for it every time which is credit to Poch. Complete opposite to chelsea. We look stagnant 
  4. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    Amelia, Djilobodji, Baba Rahman, Mikel, Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Diego Costa are the subs today apparently. Mfw djilobodji exists.  Kenedy is stupid good. He can be special. Put him in now and save me the grief of watching half ass Hazard.
  5. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    No one is on your level my love
  6. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    Kane still sends fear straight through my body.  Looks like a threat to get on the end of everything.
  7. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    Kaz is ugly   Edit: slept an hour and a half today lol
  8. MTL GM Bergevin signs contract extension

    exactly second and marginal prospect    
  9. MTL GM Bergevin signs contract extension

    that roster is fools' gold. he's not shown a willingness to go out and use assets to get key players to fill the holes they have i'd be shocked if he actually goes out and goes and gets a vrbata, an okposo, a boedker. guy openly says he won't trade a first, and he's going to pick up some third liner for a 3rd, and a depth D for a 6th. good for him though, that's a lot of financial security.
  10. fantasy lineups are great and all but then you look at them closely and it's just not happening. but the sedins will forever have an elite forechecker glued to them so they can operate, not a guy like boeser. johansen floats hard at times. that first line wouldn't be good defensively, but since they're all vancouver boys good canadian kids no one cares.  shinkaruk isn't likely to make it in a bottom six role.  and there's no way sutter is deployed as a fourth liner when he has that contract.
  11. Don't get it. Some dude replies to my post that gets 14 people agreeing with him, yet only one person actually gave me a reason why - and that is to convert brandon sutter to the wing, yuck. the sedins are under contract for two more years after this,  sedin - sedin - hansen burrows - johansen - sutter? there's only room for two players to make the progression into the top six until 2018 when the sedins expire. in burrows' and hansen's spots when you have guys like baertschi/shinkaruk who are pretty much top six f/w's or busts, and then boeser and virtanen it's difficult to picture a trade. and in reality, they'll keep one of them for the full two years because they want someone who has chemistry with the sedins as a fallback. fantasies are fine, living in reality it's not feasible without moving sutter.
  12. I'm sorry, would you like to explain to me where you plan on fitting in Ryan Johansen at center when you have Horvat, Sutter, McCann, and Henrik Sedin?  
  13. He floats hard sometimes but dude is hella talented and I'd trade for him instantly But, because of the acquisition of Brandon Sutter, there is sadly no place for him
  14. Who will be the next coach of the Vancouver Canucks

    the roster being built below the playoff bar doesn't take away the fact he's not a good coach he does stupid things that have clearly cost us points this year