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  1. Canucks have a 6.2% chance of getting the 1st overall pick

    ^ I agree
  2. Canucks have a 6.2% chance of getting the 1st overall pick

    Should have traded Lu for Florida's 2014 first round pick
  3. Canucks have a 6.2% chance of getting the 1st overall pick

    Damn we stay at # 6 pick oh well
  4. Canucks have a 6.2% chance of getting the 1st overall pick

    Since 1970 the only canadian teams that never had a #1 first round pick are the Canucks and the Flames And we don't even want to think about the Flamers getting that pick So it's our turn .... GO Canucks GO
  5. Barry Trotz Leading Head Coach Candidate?

    Id' say no to Trotz and like posters before ..... patience !!! Guys are cleaning their locker today Then everyone will get their exit interviews Will be interesting to find out what came out of the coaches interviews Then Tuesday is the lottery draft pick Wishing we end up with a lucky number (can someone clarify something about the draft lottery, i hear that we cannot move up more than 4 positions ?? So being # 6 and if we win the draft lottery we can only move to # 2 ??) It will be an interesting month. I can't wait also on a report on Daniel's situation
  6. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Injury Thread

    ^ yes I cannot stand waiting to see how he;s doing get well soon Danny thoughts are with you and your family !
  7. (Temp GDT)Canucks vs Flames 6pm SNET-P

    and don't forget the $800 000.00 for Luongo
  8. (Temp GDT)Canucks vs Flames 6pm SNET-P

    way to go Pat nice speech and i'm sure he will be part of this new management team
  9. (Temp GDT)Canucks vs Flames 6pm SNET-P

    You might lose your bet Flames might want to lose this game as they would move to 4th in the draft lottery ahead of NY Islanders who won today. So ... Canucks win this one Everyone score a goal And Torts / Harltey fight GO CANUCKS GO
  10. I'd say give Torts one more year run at it Cancuk's woes started after our 2011 playoff run: lack of scorring, poor PP and our goaltending saga. They look deflated after our Cup run and Vigneault couldn't bring this team back to pkay with heart. I've never been a big fan of Gills and I'm sure he tried his best but he wasn't unable to provide the proper players for this team. So the change has been made and with Trevor in, I am sure we will see some interesting changes. I'm looking forward to see who he will surround himself with as for staff, coaches, scouts, etc.... Torts brought the Tampa Bay Lightning to a Stanley Cup after 3 years as coach > 2001-02 > Lightning 26th in League > 2002-03 > Lightning 13th in League > 2003-04 > Lightning 2nd in League & went to win the Cup. So let's see what happens, and whatever our Management team does it will happen sooner than later after a thorough exit interview with all players & coaches. GO Cancuks GO
  11. I say 2 to 3 years Canucks gets a Cup !
  12. Ummmm - i see the Canucks have traded one of the twins ???
  13. [GDT] COL - 04/10/14 - 7PM

    ^^^ Exactly this + Who cares about a higher pick in a weak draft year, the best we can do if we lose all 3 remaining games would be 6th in the draft lottery And who knows, may be Trevor will show us some wizardry with some trades on draft day. Since the players are auditionning for next year line up and Trevor in the president's box, the guys will want to play hard. And which fans anyway want their Canucks to be losers ? GO Canucks GO
  14. (Speculation) Change coming today?

    Does the media can be trusted ??? My prediction ..... > >> >>> >>>> >>>>>>>> Aquillinis sell the team and the team is moving to Seattle !!!