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  1. I am having fun too Dr. Enjoy your coffee..and thinking about "public masturbation"..hehe
  2. Sutter probably has one more year to prove himself. Even if you match him up with the Sedins, very unlikely it will change anything. Hopefully Green will find someone else on another line who has the perfect chemistry to prop him up. If not, Sutter is pretty much done.
  3. Really?...Sigh. Just get off the couch/basement etc and check who edited the profiles. A little research goes a long way. It was most likely edited by NHL or their agents. A number of players profiles were edited by the same contributor the same time.
  4. Demers to Vancouver is confirmed!! -
  5. His wikipedia page already listed Vancouver Canucks as the current NHL team -
  6. For those who are complaining, at least this is a lot better than last year's signing and 100 times better than if we would have signed Lucic. One of the better signing after Stamkos's TB signing.
  7. The goal was to take Ferland out for 5 minutes. If he was on ice, he can cause some damage or at least shake up to our 1st line.
  8. Really?...i want to read what they had to say about city of you have link?
  9. What makes you think he was going against the coach? He could be reiterating what the coach wanted the players to do or some pointers to help the team.
  10. Without Lack, this would have been 6 - 0 game. Shameful!!!
  11. Bandwagon jumpers will not be here night after night after every game. Just saying. Common sense please.
  12. Totally agree with you 100% (nodding nodding shaking my head)......Wait!!! (pause.....) WTF?!?!?!?!
  13. If Blackhawks don't show up, it will be 3-2 Canucks If they show up, it will be 4-1 Blackhawks.
  14. Weekly? WTF? You are not making sense. Read what I said "You should be agile enough to see what the team is lacking and respond to that appropriately. Not hope for puck luck. Not keep talking about process." Make changes "appropriately" is what we are looking for. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result night after night is simply dumb!!!
  15. Yes, that is very true. At the same time, your responsibility as a GM does not end once the season is underway. You should be agile enough to see what the team is lacking and respond to that appropriately. Not hope for puck luck. Not keep talking about process. Can you imagine if Gillis uses the same mind and effort that got us Santorelli, Richardson during off season, but during regular season or right before the playoffs? One thing that I have noticed with Gillis is that he has very very poor negotiating skills. Take Luongo trade or even Schneider trade, which we pretty much got nothing. Gillis is now also thinking about not renewing Santorelli's contract and there is a chance we may lose Santorelli for another team. Does anyone know why for whatever reason, Gillis have not been able to attract really good NHL players?