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  1. Honestly, Tryamkin is just not a top pairing and that is absolutely alright. I understand CDC has a love affair with the big guy, but we need to chill and realize that Tree is a third pairing beast that will probably replace Stetcher for next season. Also, I'm not sure Tanev will be gone for next season. If Benning isn't convinced he can sign someone like Tyson Barrie in free agency, I wouldn't be surprised if Tanev gets a 2 year contract sent his way. At this point Tanev is worth more to us then he will get in the trade market, and If Benning couldn't gather the fortitude to trade him last year at the deadline when a playoff berth was very questionable, I don't see a scenario where he pulls the trigger this year. It's encouraging that he's managed to stay relatively healthy this year, minus a few teeth. I just wouldn't count Tanev out just yet.
  2. If the entire Canucks team can fight as hard as Louis Eriksson going for the empty netter, we will make the playoffs for sure!
  3. That is one quiet stadium now.... hahahaha
  4. Oilers top line combine for a +/- of -48. Let that one sink in.
  5. Can't wait for the springtime when all the Quebecors go home to draw EI and live off our tax dollars.
  6. Here are my predictions for tonight. -Canucks win 4-2 -Horvat opens scoring for the Nucks -Peterson with 2 goals with 1 on the PP -Virtanen scores on a breakaway -Thornton is still ugly Go Canucks Go
  7. G'night everyone. Can't watch this anymore, too frustrating. No puck luck at all tonight.