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  1. Dude scored 30 goals for us the first year, and we didn't have to trade anyone for him.
  2. Wow has Motte made a huge impact ever since he came back. Love that guy.
  3. I see... I guess Burr was lying? Not sure what you want here Deb. Yah, Ron ate crow, made amends and then said nothing but glowing things about Burr ever since including on his jersey retirement night. Can people not make mistakes and learn from them? Honestly, your celebrity crush on Burr is kinda cringe worthy.
  4. That's what being in the media is like today, Deb. If you don't go with the flow, you end up like Grapes. It's a hard job TBH. He has to try and please everyone. Obviously, from some of your responses that's an impossible task.
  5. He has made amends with Burrows. Burr has forgiven him, and it's time to move on. Don't have to like him, but he doesn't deserve the hate he gets from our fanbase.
  6. I used to hate him. Been warming up to him ever since he admitted fault to the Burrows incident. Dude's got an eastern bias for sure, but he's based out of there. Not many people do as much for hockey in Canada as he does though.
  7. Ice fishing, First Nations, NHL game... Not sure what's the problem, Dev. This is Hockey Night in Canada, eh.