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  1. Kids these days need to get outside more.
  2. Don't listen to him Twilight Sparkler! Hilary Clinton and the illuminati have been in cahoots with Gary Buttman for years in the attempt to hold the Canucks back from ever winning the cup. How else can you explain 2011? Bo Scorevat is the hero we deserve, Brock "da boss" Boeser is the hero we need!
  3. if Benning manages to figure out a deal for Edler in the offseason he will be God.
  4. Leaning like a Cholo. Too bad I'm day 2 of my 30 day liquor cleanse because I'll definitely be missing those frosties come game time...
  5. There are pills that can help with that now.
  6. Miller's giving up a lot of rebounds tonight. Looks a bit off his usual self.
  7. So you're saying the most award winning goaltender of all time should have stopped playing the game he loves sooner for one last standing ovation? Yah, ok...
  8. Just posted the same question in the other trade deadline thread. If Benning doesn't see another trade happening he would need to make up his mind pretty quick. He'll need to give the other team enough time to make the trades that would justify the cap dump.
  9. I would like to see Benning entertain taking on a cap dump for picks if he can't make another big trade happen. We have a lot of cap space that could be worth something to a team up against the limit.
  10. I mean, even the Red Wings likely have a list that long...
  11. To be fair, would anybody be happy with Benning if he had another TDL like last year? I've been an unwavering Benning supporter, but I'll be honest this kind of TDL was needed to keep fain in the plan moving forward. A home run! Now there should be no doubt that Benning knows how to get things done, and maybe confirm the suspicions of him being handcuffed last TDL. I'm proud of Benning and I can't wait for this years draft!!
  12. There goes any chance of trading the Sedin's next year. With Lou and Badger we are only able to retain the salary of one more player. Not that I actually wanted to trade the Sedin's, just sayin.
  13. So what kind of an NHL player would you compare this kid's potential to?
  14. Well you know what they say, misery deserves company. lol
  15. I really want to downvote that, but it's not your fault Apricot.