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  1. At this point I'd say it's safe to bank on them for another 3 years. After that, you would have to make another assessment. Maybe they will play into their 40s. With their play style, it's possible.
  2. I bet most goalies wouldn't consider Vancouver the best place to sign on long term. Partly because of our reputation from previous trade catastrophes, but partly because we have such a good goalie program with kids looking to steal jobs. Players want stability and we can't really commit long term with Markstrom and Demko climbing the ranks. Also, you stating that Miller lost the games is just silly. Our team lost. I won't even entertain your assumption that Miller cost us McDavid. lol Did you learn nothing from the draft lottery this year? Maybe you should just stick to Rugby.
  3. Playing the league average SV% on a losing team like ours is pretty damn good. He may be slightly overpayed as he has declined a bit over the years, but we're only talking a couple hundred grand in reality. That's ok though, cause how else do you get a goalie of Millers caliber to sign with a goalie graveyard like ours? Take a look at the Flames if you want to know what it's like to cheap out on mediocre goalies. We needed the stability Miller brings as Lack couldn't quite cut it. Do you think Carolina fans are happy with Lack who only has a .901 SV%? (Not to mention Ward being payed 6.8M for a .909 SV%. Yikes!!) Besides, who's to say Millers influence on Markstrom isn't absolutely priceless? Remember when Markstrom cleared wavers the first year we got him? Other teams had already labelled him a bust. I'd bet a Veteran presence from the likes of Miller played a big part in turning his game around. (Along with Clouts and Rollie of course) Face it, Miller was a good decision and the best goalie available to us at the time. Best part is, next year we can do what ever we want as his short contract expires
  4. BDA

    I like juolevi, but he is a mediocre pick at 5th overall. Far too long of a shot considering the available options.
  5. Why does draft day always bring out the morons?
  6. Yup, my bad. Didn't catch that.
  7. It's amazing the depths the PCers will go to deny any connection to islam. This guy pledged allegiance to ISIS, was known by his peers to be muslim, has traveled to saudi arabia multiple times in the last few years for a "pilgrimage" and was investigated by the FBI because of his friendship to the boston bombers. This is a case of muslim extremism. The fact that mental illness plays a part should not surprise you considering the EXTREMIST part. As far as denying this clown access to firearms, I think any sane person would agree. The way to do that however is easier said then done. Just take a look at France and Brussels where these types of firearms are strictly prohibited.
  8. Looks like Rollie is sticking with the Canucks in a different role. Very excited to see Melanson is sticking with us. Between him and Cloutier our future goalie factory will be full steam ahead!
  9. Is it really so hard to see? Even a broken clock is right twice a day. He's been preaching that there'll be other attacks from extremists unless something is done, and this past weekend was the worst one since 9-11. Nothing ground braking, but he was correct none the less.
  10. The dude is already a 10-20pt player in his rookie season and doesn't play like a goon. How can you judge his "absolute best" one year into the league?
  11. I wouldn't classify Trump as being far right. Although an a-hole, he is actually more liberal than most republicans of the recent past. He might even be the first non religious Republican candidate in history. I agree with you other points though. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the status quo and she has the best chance of bringing another 4 years of the same stability. Personally, I think Americans are tired and want change. Bernie and Trump are the only ones that have a chance at bringing that. The question is, are they worth the risk.
  12. Really? The music is what you have a problem with? If you believe Hillary flip flopping at opportune times is called "wisdom" then I can't help you. The video is only supposed to be an example of her changing her official stance when is suites her and then lying through her teeth when asked why she changed her mind. Evolving views is a good quality for a politician, nobody is perfect and I think everyone can accept that. But then to lie about it and say you've always held the same views is not only unnecessary, but deceitful. I believe this shows us a glimpse of the real Hillary. Someone who will say anything to benefit herself. Hell, Obama's campaign against her was solely based on that fact. I've already said I don't support Trump, so quit trying to hammer his BS over my head. I don't care. It seems as though people like to align themselves with "their guy" and then nothing else they do matters except displaying anger at those who have differing opinions. We all like to think we are such an advanced society, but really we are so tribal it's funny.
  13. Right, cause she's said the same thing from the beginning, right?
  14. I can see the merits of voting for all 3 remaining candidates. Despite being more right leaning, I would actually vote for Bernie. Which is saying something if you knew me. Personally, I think that there are so many barriers in place that Bernie most extreme changes will never come to fruition, which makes him palatable to me. His attraction is really the same as Trumps though. Americans are tired of the system beating them down. Bernie and Trump are of the people and not the system. It's a romantic idea. The difference between Trump and Clinton is, nobody will ever know what Clinton actually believes in, if anything.
  15. Embarrass myself? This information has been circulating the internet ad nauseam. With so much misinformation out there right now in this election, how is one expected to get everything 100% correct? Really, I have no dog in this fight, but anyone that vehemently supports any single candidate in this election is a raving buffoon. They are all crap.