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  1. Alex Burmistrov Retires from NHL

    While I didn't see Burmi as a part of the Canucks future, I hate seeing another depth forward leave our injury riddled line-up. Canucks just can't catch a break.
  2. [PGT] Montreal Canadiens vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Brock Boeser feeds off adrenaline to transcend time and space.
  3. I always thought it was 'Children Discussing Canucks'.
  4. It's official, the Vegas Knights select...

    If we still had Tryamkin they would have been doing us a favour. I think we got off lucky considering what other teams are giving up.
  5. 5-4-3-2-1 Canucks pick from 1st to 5th!

    Kids these days need to get outside more.
  6. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    Don't listen to him Twilight Sparkler! Hilary Clinton and the illuminati have been in cahoots with Gary Buttman for years in the attempt to hold the Canucks back from ever winning the cup. How else can you explain 2011? Bo Scorevat is the hero we deserve, Brock "da boss" Boeser is the hero we need!
  7. if Benning manages to figure out a deal for Edler in the offseason he will be God.
  8. Leaning like a Cholo. Too bad I'm day 2 of my 30 day liquor cleanse because I'll definitely be missing those frosties come game time...
  9. There are pills that can help with that now.
  10. Miller's giving up a lot of rebounds tonight. Looks a bit off his usual self.
  11. Martin Brodeur

    So you're saying the most award winning goaltender of all time should have stopped playing the game he loves sooner for one last standing ovation? Yah, ok...
  12. Potential salary dumps for picks?

    Just posted the same question in the other trade deadline thread. If Benning doesn't see another trade happening he would need to make up his mind pretty quick. He'll need to give the other team enough time to make the trades that would justify the cap dump.