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  1. not to scare anyone... but taking into account only looks and interests... this guy kind of reminds me of Booth...
  2. I could do without higgins (not terrible just the odd man out when making room for young guns)... i feel like we have to lose a D-man but we don't really need to... I'd probably let weber walk if he didn't want a 2-way... even though he played well.... I doubt we sign any big UFA unless we manage to shed a few roster spots
  3. you can't rebuild a team in a year... we will most likely lose a couple vets each year.... its hard to move 5 one way contracts in a year... I trust in linden and benning.... only thing i dont like is the Vey trade.... however he can't be written off yet... he has shown flashes... though i doubt it
  4. good year i just hope they make room for some young guys.... i dont think guys like matthias or higgins are going to contribute long term... i will quietly hope the flames win the west...
  5. definitely not this series but against big american markets i get nervous
  6. was that meant to be a pun? because i like it
  7. It was funny... less now... Also to be fair both the canucks and flames are western teams... so they don't really care about either team... They are just less western than us... not their fault...
  8. ES i can only imagine how annoying you are in real life... I am guessing you probably watch the games alone. Hodgeson is a good player and he probably will have a higher PPG in his career.... But he didn't want to be here, he did not fit on any of our top two lines so we traded for the type of player that this team needed... I don't want hodgeson to flop, i don't really care if he does or does not... because i am a canucks fan i really just care if the canucks do well... and they are doing well... so stop complaining... Though i am sure it is just your nature and that will never happen
  9. I'm not sure you can honestly critique anyones game last night.... Maybe for a couple weeks choose any other team... whichever team you would be happy with cheering for.... watch two weeks of their games.... and if you are this picky... you will be complaining about them too... Honestly i hope all you whiners are kidding...