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  1. Just wanted to say two things... Thanks to all of you for making this league fun & competitive. Unfortunately, most leagues I join 90% flake out & competition becomes boring. Secondly, I am looking for a better goalie(s). Feel free to send offers or a chat, we can discuss something. Thanks
  2. For those who have picked up the new Call of Duty, is it worth purchasing at full price or wait until Black Friday to buy it? Any insight will be appreciated. 

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    2. Baer.


      It won't be on sale on black Friday. The game is too new.

    3. 22Sedinery33
    4. -AJ-


      If it goes on sale, Christmas time will be the soonest it would.

  3. Looking to make a trade in order to improve my goalies. Shoot me an offer and maybe we can work something out.
  4. Hope all goes well with Marky. Excited to see where Demko is at and what he can bring in the next few games.
  5. Expected considering all these deals being thrown around. Laine better step his game up and get it together.
  6. Then we live on a flat Earth. Those that believe the Earth is anything more than that is a ding dong. For someone who is French, do they ask for weed or oui'd?
  7. I was thinking the same, thank you for your advice.
  8. Is your league a keeper league? Also, what stats are counted for points?
  9. Every category is in play within this league. I lack the hitting/blocked shots/penalty minutes aspect.
  10. Nicklas Backstrom for Jamie Benn. I would be receiving Benn. Would you do it?
  11. Looking to upgrade my goalies (if possible). Shoot me a trade proposal