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  1. I'm in if you still have a spot. Also, i'm looking for a free keeper league. Don't care if I have to take over a team but in standard format (12-16 teams/2c/2lw/2rw/4d/4bench/2g)
  2. Drafting 5th overall in my Yahoo hockey fantasy draft. Suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jaku


      Depending on how the draft goes. If Mack or Scheifele are avilable I'd seriously consider taking one of them.

    3. ReggieBush


      I would take McDavid if he's on the board.

    4. 22Sedinery33


      Thanks guys for your inputs, much appreciated. Im kind of torn between Mack, Laine or Benn. The reason for Benn being his goals, assists and hits (game changer since its a head to head league). 

  3. It's been a while... Glad to be back ::D

    1. Alflives


      Two years!  That’s more than a while.  Your last post predates the arrival - of ALF

      Our team isn’t doing very well, but we have some really good young guys coming along.  Better days ahead for sure. :rolleyes:

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      got out early for good behaviour eh? welcome back.

    3. -AJ-


      Nice to have you back!

  4. Hutton just continues to impress

  5. Everyone just needs to relax and Bolieve.

    1. Dral


      Are you a Bolieber?

  6. Keep calm and Bo on

    1. Webster6


      This is a good law to live by

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      The only law to live by :)

    3. The Magician

      The Magician

      Get inside him already

  7. Finally a break from the sun :)

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Sacrilege, I need suns!

    2. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      I hope its cool at night.

  8. Still prefered Ehlers, welcome to Vancouver Jake Virtanen.

  9. Haha Sharks...

    1. drummer4now


      Potential trading partner? Wilson sure likes to trade assists.

  10. Well it's been fun

  11. Can't be bothered to study for a midterm, this trade deadline is to exciting. #whoneedstostudy

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I'm rewarding myself for every two pages of course notes I read, with a refresh of CDC. Makes studying during the trade deadline more effective.

    2. TheRussianRocket.


      That's the spirit lol. I've decided to put school on halt too. Study every half an hour, then back to this. And at night, go for a few hours. Proactive :P

    3. Warhippy


      Sharks and Jets talking about Setoguchi